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XP Tips - Computer Tips for Windows XP

The Microsoft Windows XP Operating System is highly configurable. There are a great many ways to enhance and personalize your computing experience. The computer tips and tweaks included on this website are designed to help you get the most out of Windows XP.

Each tip is clearly presented in plain English. Where appropriate, step-by-step instructions and screen shots are included for clarity. Windows XP tips are grouped into categories for easy access. The navigation menu on the left allows visitors to quickly jump to the desired category from any page on the site.


Windows XP Tip Of the Week: Access Computer Information with the System Information Tool

Windows XP has a built-in tool that offers a wealth of information about your computer. System Information gives users rapid access to hardware resource and software environment information, component and application data, system history, useful tools such as Net and Direct X Diagnostics and much more.

System Information can be a very useful tool for troubleshooting computer problems. For example, digging into items listed in the "Software Environment" can give you information about which programs have recently experienced serious errors, driver details, network connections, running tasks and more. The System History view records changes to hardware resources and the software environment and this can help you track down problems that may have occurred due to driver upgrades or hardware changes.

An integrated search feature allows you to more easily find what you are looking for.

The average computer user may not need to access the System Information Tool very often. However, it is wise to know what the tool offers and how to access it if the need arises.

To launch the System Information tool:
  1. Click "Start" and then "Run".

  2. In the Run field, enter "msinfo32.exe" without the quotes.

  3. Click "OK" and the tool should launch.
Enter msinfo32.exe in Run

Alternatively, you can click "Start /All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Information" to open the tool directly from the Start Menu.

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