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$1-3k budget to start something post Covid19- Ideas?

My job is barely hanging on and I have learned how awful the company I work for is due to the Covid-19 problems. So I sold something and I will be getting that Stimulus check, I was thinking maybe now is the time to take a loot at turning that money into a business.

Kind of an old fart so don’t really want to learn coding and stuff that will take a while. Don’t have a very big home or garage to do anything out of. Also don’t own a truck or a van.

Figured maybe someone here would bounce an idea I hadn’t thought of and it might spark something.

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Mobile car battery replacement. Just imagine how many people will have dead batteries after not driving their cars for months! Even if they drive one car, many families have two and have one parked.

Ok so… If i were in your shoes, this is what id do.

Spend some of that money on some paint, brushes, a paint roller, a pan, and some painters tape. Paint a couple of your rooms and take before and after pictures (do a REMARKABLE job).

Advertise your paint job EVERYWHERE. Someone is going to hire you to paint a room or 2, if youre lucky, their entire house.

Charge them material cost up front (you already have most of it, just buy new paint and any specialized things you need for the project [this all goes into the material cost]) paint what they say and do the most impecible job you can because now *youre liable for your mistakes*. Again take before and after pictures (with the owners permission [if they say no, offer a small discount but dont push it if they say no to that])

There are so many tutorials on how to paint on YouTube and cost/profit calculators per square foot of wall space on the internet. Study everything you can every second youre not marketing yourself. Use your first couple projects to buy a small truck, make the business “legal”, and create professional advertisements (website, truck stickers, etc.)

This is as simple as you make it and you can broaden your “renovation” business to your hearts content and you could have a full legal business within a month making as much money as youre willing to hire

Best of luck to you my dude.

EDIT: I’m just going to straight up tell you to add flooring once your painting business either takes off or when you start. Tile, hardwood, carpet. Its super easy (like stupid easy) and the profit can be remarkable.

Hey man, whatever you end up doing message me when you’re ready to start a website. I’ll do it FOR FREE because I am trying to build up a portfolio. Getting laid off has really opened my eyes and I’m trying to set myself up to work from home in the future. Let me know if you’re interested.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

**EDIT** Whoa, getting lots of PMs off of this. Totally thought I PM’d this but I guess this is what happens when you reddit while sleepy. I will get to everyone, promise.

I actually opened a restaurant (in china no less) in december 2019 so just a month before this shitshow really started. Since that has been a disaster I’ve also started of thinking of other ways to make some money.

It hasn’t really worked yet (I’ve only been out of quarantine about a week now) but I have tried to pivot to online stuff, from YouTube discussion about china/covid (just reached 250 subs so still far away from Adsense) to selling bags of coffee beans (I get them good price from the roaster direct) to pushing my drone photography … I guess what I’m saying is we all have things that we are good at, I don’t know what it is that you are good at OP but don’t be afraid to push yourself a bit and put yourself out there in the online space. Everyone is spending more and more time online now, find your niche or multiple and try to exploit them.

So far for me it hasn’t been extremely lucrative, but it’s only been a week or two. I’ve added 60 subs on YouTube and I secured one drone photo contract for a local hotel (about 300 bucks), and I’ve sold 14 bags of coffee. It was either that or continue to let my newly opened restaurant lose money every day and slowly wither away on the vine. Gonna keep pushing myself to be more active online and deliver the things that I’m personally good at. Some were just hobbies before but that’s ok, share it, if you are passionate people will come and money will follow. That’s my hope anyway.

Since Windows 7 isn’t being supported anymore, there will be some people selling their laptops cheap. Others will try to install Windows 10, but if they’re low-end laptops a lot of them won’t have anymore that 4G of ram. Windows 10 will be slow.

Same with some companies, school systems, etc. They buy a lot of their stuff like this in bulk. When they want to get rid of it, a lot of them won’t charge much. On another group a guy said he bought 75 of them for $20.

Then you overwrite the drives with Linux Mint. Most people coming from windows are comfortable with this distro. Then you re-sell them for #200-300, or whatever you and your customers think is fair. This will give these computers a new lease on life — they will work well, even on 4Gigs of ram.

Linux Mint comes with a lot of software installed. Like, browsers, office programs, an email program, video, etc… You won’t have to worry about installing any of those things.

You might even be able to charge a little extra to stick around for an hour or so to give your customers a quick introduction to their new-to-them computers.

Don’t buy junk. Laptops that are scratched up, dented or have some other visible damage will be hard to move.

Brake jobs on the fly.

Private pilot.

Assassin for hire.

Vending machine repairman.

Tech for hire.


We really have no idea since you kinda have to have an idea of where to go, what you want to do, and how much effort you are looking at. Also where you live can make a huge difference. 3k in New York is far different then 3k in Wyoming.

I am an Event Planner/Marketer [Eventpreneur](https://eventpreneur/) and always wanted to create an online platform to share my knowledge of the industry. I created Eventpreneur just a couple of weeks back. Volatile industry at the moment but it will bounce back!

I would recommend starting a blog. Something that you are interested in! Sign up to some affiliate networks and create e-books, courses etc.

In my opinion, this is the wrong approach you are taking. First of all, it sounds you are looking for a quick scheme to get a return and although those exist, no one will ever tell you that on reddit, otherwise they would use it themselves. My recommendation based on what you wrote is:

1. Decide what interests you and create a blog, insta account around that. Once you get traffic, new ideas on monetization and other opportunities will start poping up. In other words you need to start doing something to get inertia and find ideas, problems on your own
2. I have paid people on upwork quite a bit of money for something that is easy. If you dedicated 5k hours in html and css coding you could easily get hired for small jobs there.

Good luck

There are websites out there that is “no code” to get into app development. Its becoming more popular. My startup uses the no code software to keep our costs low for now.

Something simple that anyone can start is flipping. Head over to r/flipping for more info.

What skills do you have? Are you looking for online or offline work/projects?

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