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A question about Non competes

I have a non-compete through a franchise(fast food)that I’m a part owner in, this states I cannot own/invest/operate/all the stuff with a business that is similar (anything food related really). My question could I start another business that’s sole roll is opening another businesses. Would this circumvent the non-compete, or because I own said new business would it fall under my non compete?

Hope that makes sense look forward to hearing back!

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3 replies on “A question about Non competes”

It is going to depend on what you are doing. It may be worth talking to a lawyer because it sounds like the non-compete is too wide to be enforceable. A company could lock you out of a specific food industry (like tacos) but couldn’t lock you out of food. A lot of non-competes need to have proprietary info to be enforceable. Food a lot of times isn’t. TLDR, talk to a lawyer about it.

Unless you’re in California, no. Seriously just don’t break your obligation. You’re not the first person to think of this, so maybe there’s a successful example that you can imitate, but I’m willing to bet that the company has dealt many times with jokers like you and won.

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