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A web-page for a local start-up.

Hi! I’m a college student and have some plans for a start-up, small scale, locally operational.

I know having a website is essential for it to grow and reach people. Should I invest in a personal domain? Should I use google sites? Suggest me something regarding this. I don’t have a web developer in my team, so I don’t really know where to go. Expecting suggestions. Thanks!

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Depends on what you’re trying to achieve πŸ™‚ What is the startup?

If you’re planning on doing e-commerce (selling products online), then yes, you absolutely need a website. In that case, a good starting point could be Shopify as they manage a lot of stuff for you and it’s easily set up without development experience.

If you’re planning on launching a website for a service you will be offering, then it’s good to have at least a basic Squarespace page set up and then use Google MyBusiness as well as local Adwords to drive local interest. For Squarespace (or Wix) again you don’t need any programming knowledge.

As a third option, you could look at crating your own WordPress website with plenty of tutorials available. Let me know if that is the direction you want to take and I will happily give you more details πŸ™‚

Google sites or tools like Wix or []( are really simple for drag-and-drop. But learning HTML + Javascript aren’t bad skills.

I think Mailchimp is having a free domain offer and 1&1 has some nice promos too. Other domain providers include Namecheap. Just make sure you set a reminder for the domain renewal and billing. I’ve heard that GoDaddy can be a shady domain provider.

Unless you’re really itching to reserve a domain name, I’d wait until you get traction / further figure out your startup before getting a domain.

It depends on what will you do.

it’s not necessary to create a separate website to promote your business. Regardless of whether you will offer services or engage in retail, there are already platforms on the Internet where you can effectively advance. Promotion of a separate site will be much more difficult than taking a ready-made platform or social network as a base and starting to advance there

Super high level overview, hopefully this helps make sense of the slew of names people will inevitably throw out there.

You need three things here:

* Someone to host the site (google sites, GoDaddy, BlueHost, etc.)
* Someone to provide the domain name ([](, GoDaddy again, etc.)
* Something to edit the website with (Wix, wordpress, an actual human developer, etc.)


You’re going to get flooded with recommendations, and many of these are fine. Some, like WordPress and Wix (I believe) will bundle it all for you. Look into it, see what suits you needs!


What is the main purpose of the website? Only a landing page with information about your local site or do you also want to sell goods?

I am using [Carrd]( for my personal website and other local businesses like e.g. barber shops, for which I did websites. You can buy a domain on GoDaddy/Namecheap and easily connect it to your Carrd site. Carrd will manage hosting etc. It is really easy to setup and use. You don’t need any developer experience and you can still make stunning websites.

(The above link to Carrd is my referral link. Mods let me know if this is forbidden on this subreddit.)

Go for your own site definitely. You can find a base elementor template and modify it on wordpress to your hearts content if you dont mind giving up the functionality/scalability of a custom site.

If you want a custom site you’ll need a wordpress developer to build it for you. Create a psd file with photoshop/gimp or whatever software you use. Have your developer create the site based on the file.

If you’re looking for local business you’ll need a Google My Business profile. I’ve done a how-to blog on my site on how to create one. Dm me if you want a link.

Best of luck with it…

If you do plan the DIY way, expect probably learning enough within weeks at best if you are fast and needs are minimal.

I’m slowly pursuing this route, and it is paying off a bit more as I progress. Learning to build from scratch is much more cost-effective. The time commitment to learning can be viewed as an investment in a skillset.

Looking into youtube tutorials can help give a sense if you want to learn. But there are good resources on most online teaching sites for this (I use Udemy personally, lifetime access) that aren’t too expensive if not free as well.

But if you are more after a quick entrepreneurial endeavor you might want to look into website builders.

A web page is required if your start up idea is to sell service, in which you will have to attract people to your website by showcasing how you are better than others. There are many cheap domains available and it won’t cost you alot. Also, there many government organisations which help you in the investment part. MSME in India is one of them where you have to invest just 10% of the share and the rest is funded to you.

When I hear about people in your situation, the best advice I can give, as a web designer, is make sure that if you invest in this, do it right.

I don’t know anything about your business, but usually your website will be one of the first impressions you leave on a potential customer.


Whether you decide to do it by yourself (unadvised, as there’s really lots to know) or hire a professional, do not overlook this crucial part of your brand.

As others already mentioned, you’re gonna need:

– A Domain (GoDaddy is my goto)

– A Hosting service (Depends on how / where you build your website)

– And most importantly, a website.

This is the part where most of the work gets into as there is planning the content, visual style, structure, mobile adaptability and so much more.


Finally, I see some recommendations here for tools such as Wix, WordPress etc…

I personally am a huge fan of Webflow, but remember, it’s now about the tool, but how you use it.

I sincerely hope that I have been of some help to you, if you have any questions, feel free to DM me or reply here.

More than happy to help!

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