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Accomplishments and Lesson Learned Friday! – (June 05, 2020)

Please use this thread to share any accomplishment you care to gloat about, and some lessons learned.

This is a weekly thread to encourage new members to participate, and post their accomplishments, as well as give the veterans an opportunity to inspire the up-and-comers.

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8 replies on “Accomplishments and Lesson Learned Friday! – (June 05, 2020)”

Don’t count on support from friends or family to help your business, if anything assume that they will use your competitor.

Started advertising my blog on social media! I’m now working on a program to sell!
Finished the book The Ride Of a Lifetime
Finished a course on writing copy
Increased stock portfolio 15%

My moment this week happened when I was about 1-mile from finishing a run when I was literally stopped in my tracks with a thought.

Here I was standing in the middle of a trail with grass and trees surrounding me with a new idea swirling around my head.

I stood there, frozen for a solid 30-seconds. I hope what I learned is helpful to you.

As a solopreneur and coach, I have a lot of freedom and can help a lot of people but at that moment on the trail, I realized I needed to change one word in my thinking. It was from “can” to “want”.

I realized there are many things I CAN do in my business and people I CAN help but what is more important is to determine what I really WANT to do and who I WANT to help, then to stay focused on this.

Having this clarity makes me happy! I’m not trying to talk to everyone but I’ve found a niche.

We have finally finished putting our International Business Accelerator’s curriculum online. Six modules, 56 lessons over 5.5 hours and 1:1 coaching to be sure each particular issue of cross-border expansion is covered. Founders will finish with a customized roadmap for new int’l market entry and how to do it quickly, compliantly and profitably.

We struggled in the final stretch and finally broke down and retained someone to organize and document the backend systems and flow. There’s a saying that you can’t see the label of the bottle you’re in and this was yet another case of that. Paying someone to have fresh eyes is as rewarding as paying off debt.

I’ve posted some course video extracts for anyone curious about cross-border practicalities like tax and accounting requirements, foreign exchange strategies, dispute resolution and a couple others. I hope they help. Youtube link [here](

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