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[ADVICE] Need advice on a start up

I have been thinking about this for the past 6 months now. I understand everyone is busy and won’t read if I write a lot, so I’ll get to the point. I have had a business idea for the past 6+months. I have done my research and was very close to invest in it. Then came the COVID crises. According to friends that I have shared the idea, they advise to park it, as the general populace won’t have money to spend for at least 2020. That is part 1 of the problem. Ill roughly explain my idea at the end.
Part 2 is the actual work on this. For starters, I need a website that has Ecommerce in it. I am no web developer. I kind of hate coding. So, I reached out to a company that could help me design and set up a running website for me. They have quoted me around $3k for the whole website. My question here is making a website from scratch easy? How long will it take if a noob like me does it. Shall I opt to outsource it to the company? If yes what can I ask them, so I don’t get short-changed.
My idea is like Airbnb. Well it has nothing to do with renting apartments, but I reckon the website will have similar functionality to that of AIRBNB website.
To note, I have never posted on reddit before, so I don’t know much regarding editing etc. I am available for any further questions. Hopefully someone can advise me.

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Setup a landing page on a cheap host with wordpress, a single signup form and a nice page detailing what your all about. Put some money nto a small ad campaign and see how your interest is. If you get tons of sign ups then you know you may see a return on your investments if no one signs up then you havent lost anything. Validating your idea outside of your friendship group is step 1 before you commit any serious time or money to it. In regard to your other question, no making a website isnt hard, making it safe for your users is. If you can get someone to do it then by all means but if you hate coding and dont know much, then your heart wouldnt be in it. Get some people who know what they are doing to make it for you but ask to be involved so you have the general idea of what your site is built on.

I’m in a similar position as you. Had to park my startup. That did give me some time to refine and cut costs a bit. It’s going to be a rough year to say the least. I’m working on a website using shopify, with the help of an experienced friend. Now, the website is not a focul point for my startup, just a way to display info and get pre bookings. Now if you want to do something on the level of air bnb, you need to be prepared to spend accordingly or go through a steep learning curve when it comes to coding. And boy is it steep.

So $3k for a site like Airbnb sounds cheap. That being said i think there is a wordpress directory theme on themeforest that has most of that functionality.

U can look into wix or square space. Hire a designer from up work or fivver. Tell them u don’t know how to use squarespace or wix and if they can design it so there isn’t much coding, unless u wanna learn how to code HTML CSS


$3k is a very cheap price for website as Airbnb. You have to think not only about an interface and server-side logic but about infrastructure, data storage, hosting, etc.

As for Wix, Squarespace, and other builders, it is a great approach to check and validate your idea, but you can’t do a scalable and sustainable platform with these no-coding tools.

If you want, we can have a call and discuss you idea in detail. I can share some insights and milestones with you.

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