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Antiques In the Attic: Identifying Chippendale Furniture

His Everyday living

Thomas Chippendale was born in 1718 Otley, Yorkshire England. He moved to London in 1740 to boost his small business and experienced quite a few associates throughout his career. The Earl of Burlington was a single of the very first influential folks to get household furniture from Chippendale. Chippendale was married two instances and experienced 9 children with his initially wife, and 2 children with his 2nd spouse. When he retired in 1776 his eldest son took more than the business enterprise.

The Home furnishings

Thomas Chippendale apprenticed as a joiner for a cupboard-maker in advance of setting up his own business enterprise in London.

In 1754 he revealed a ebook illustrating 160 models from his shop, titled The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker’s Director.

The e-book was so well-liked that he produced two later on editions, every illustrating new types. The layouts show the Georgian, Queen Anne, French and Chinese influences on Chippendale. Chippendale’s publications motivated other household furniture makers of the day. Chippendale most well-liked to take massive-scale commissions from aristocratic purchasers who picked their furnishings designs from his Director guides. With this kind of clients he acted considerably as a present day day inside designer, selecting furnishings and components for the whole residence.

The years involving 1750 and 1785 are acknowledged as the Chippendale period.

Simply because Chippendale did not indication or use a maker’s mark it is complicated to attribute pieces to him with certainty. The only recognized method of developing authenticity is to come across 1 of his unique bills, commonly preserved among estate papers, or equal documentation. However, a piece might be properly attributed to Chippendale’s workshop, it is around not possible to attribute the manufacturing of the piece to Chippendale himself.

As his business enterprise flourished, the manufacturing of home furnishings was completed by craftsmen Chippendale employed rather than he. When analyzing a piece attributed to the Chippendale workshop it is essential to glimpse at the method employed for joints. Hand crafted joints will be slightly irregular and may display evidence hand instrument marks. It is more proposed to glimpse for proof of hand planing, hand sawing, handmade nails, and shrinkage in the wood.

New Layouts of the Chippendale Time period

Chippendale developed new home furnishings types which include the pie crust desk and chest-over-upper body highboys. He also introduced the camel back again couch complete with upholstering in brocade, velvet, and damask textiles.

His home furniture was generally manufactured of mahogany, imported from the West Indies. Reliable wooden, somewhat than veneer was used to allow for the elaborate carving usual of the Chippendale design.

Identifying Characteristics of the Chippendale Model

Furniture from the period has the adhering to attributes:

  1. Significant decorative brass drawer pulls
  2. Curved furniture legs
  3. Ball and claw foot
  4. Sq. straight legs
  5. Absence of stretchers amongst chair legs
  6. Chairs calculated among 3 ft 1 inch and 3 toes 2 1/2 inches from the flooring to the top rated of the chair back
  7. Carved ornamentation

American Chippendale

Furnishings generated by American craftsman through the Chippendale time period are acknowledged by the use of huge and ornately carved pieces from mahogany,which was then offered a large polish.


Everybody who appreciates and might would like to embellish in the Chippendale fashion may well be not able to obtain an authentic piece.en Reproductions were becoming crafted when Chippendale was creating furnishings and modern reproductions working with modern tactics proceed now.

Reproductions are detected by the lack of depth and quality of the ornate carvings. The wood from which modern day parts are manufactured, even if designed of mahogany, will be significantly less dense than the older mahogany made use of in the 1700s.

And lastly, if the rate appears extremely acceptable for an reliable Chippendale, it is likely a copy. A respected antique seller will give a notice of authenticity, appraisal, and dollars again assurance for an unhappy acquire.

Chippendale Modern society

The Culture was founded in 1965 in Thomas Chippendale’s hometown.

The mission of the Modern society is to:

  • progress public education and to endorse the appreciation and research of the work of Thomas Chippendale senior and junior
  • to get, protect and sustain illustrations of his function for the advantage of the country

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