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Best videos on YouTube about entrepreneurship?

Howdy y’all, I was wondering if anyone knew of some good videos on YouTube regarding entrepreneurship motivational or tip based doesn’t really matter just looking for anything really! I just find that there is so much garbage information in some videos so just after ones that have helped you in some shape or form!

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All the big ones are usually trying to sell you some magical sales technique. I found it to be a better option to search through people in the actual field you’re trying to get into. Find people that are doing what you want to be doing, not some pumped up YouTube star trying to sell to his sales program. My two cents

search up entrepreneur documentaries on youtube you will find a couple of documentaries that i found interesting to watch.

Hey! It’s awesome that you’re searching for good quality entrepreneurship YouTube videos! One of my favorites is Valuetainment. I like his channel because he doesn’t just cover business-related topics, but also lightly covers the fields of politics, economics, and finance. He is also an excellent interviewer who asks thoughtful questions to experts in similar fields. I think that, for an entrepreneur, knowing what’s going on in the world around you generates ideas and inspiration.


I also recommend listening to Y Combinator’s Startup School Podcast. They interview the founders of successful startups on how they got into Y Combinator’s funding program. Listening to their podcast on how Alexis Ohanian went from being a pre-law student to the Cofounder of Reddit was really inspiring to me and reminded me that, no matter where my expertise lies, I can find success.

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