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Business Ideas? I don’t know if this is the right sub but…

I want to start a business, I just don’t know what. Since I am a beginner I was wondering if there is a certain business model I could follow without actually having a “big idea”.

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Sort of, but not really. You’re ‘only’ looking for a competitive advantage and the idea is secondary to the existence of a competitive advantage. For the most part, if you start making lists of what you can do, what you’re good enough at that five people will pay you for today, and what you are equipped to do today, you’ll find the idea.

Competitive advantage is the tough part. Why would I give you money instead of anyone else?

I don’t advocate “the big idea.” More often than not it’s just too easy for copycats to completely rip off. Try having an ecosystem of decent ideas, with perhaps a few good ideas. Copycats are in it for the easy buck, and working out all the working parts gets them looking elsewhere.

Try being the learning company always trying to add a new tested, proven, decent idea. Hypothesize. Test. Integrate.

This isn’t easy. Therefore I suspect not what you are looking for.

This is such a key decision, but at the same time, doesn’t need to be a hard one.

Instead of trying to work out what has the highest margin or is trending this week, work out what you can go the distance with. In other words, what you can personally sustain doing for long enough for it to succeed.

Write down a list/mind map/tree diagram/whatever you want of the things you enjoy spending time doing, and another of the things you’re good at.

Include EVERYTHING you can think of (hobbies, habits, skills, sports, daily activities, etc.) that comes to mind that ticks either box. Rule NOTHING out. That is vital.

When you’ve done that, take the two lists and look for common ground between them, then see what business ideas could be born from these. Post again here if you want further guidance, but to give you some examples, if you’ve written down that you enjoy or are good at: writing, watching films, sewing and chopping wood.

You could be a ghost writer for blogs, a personal blogger, a fiction or non-fiction author, a technical writer, a freelance journalist, a film critic, a videographeer a fashion critic, a seamstress, a bespoke tailor, a lumberjack, a tree surgeon… With sewing alone you could make hangbags, saddles for horses, shoes, curtains, custom-fitted motorcycle covers, etc. Of course you may need training or equipment, for some of these, but if you enjoy it, it may not even feel like work!

Pick what you are going to be able to enjoy doing for a long time, and that may just give you the endurance you need to keep doing it until it works 🙂

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