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Can i save and monetize an old facebook page or is it a lost cause?

Hey folks, hope all is good for you,

So, i’ve had this facebook page since probably 2013 but ive never promoted it, it only has 450 ish followers, i made it for my friends to share music, but its way too niche and it was mostly me posting youtube videos of rare song id find. There is no market for that!

I know i can change the name and change its content, to be honest im completely new to facebook monetization but maybe the age of the page could be beneficial? Im just exploring and doing a lot of reading, i thought i’d post here and asked! So please, leade me to the right direction :))

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3 replies on “Can i save and monetize an old facebook page or is it a lost cause?”

450 followers is absolutely nothing. Since the page was created so long ago I’m sure there are now a ton of dead accounts on there. Honestly I wouldn’t waste your time. If the page switches from death metal to a page about products or something the remaining followers will unfollow. Good luck but I wouldn’t waste my time.

Same question but for a 200k fb fans page, mainly Hebrew speaking women 24-45 yo.

How can I monetize this besides banners ads & outbrain? Your ideas r welcome!

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