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Don’t spread Covidiocy to your audiences PLEASE

This is just the best I can do to reach out to people who have audiences. I am imploring you that if you do not think Covid19 is a big deal, you keep it to your self.

I just listened to a new podcast that was suggested to me long ago – Story Brand. (edited to clarify) They were going on about love and Jesus and God one second (which was unexpected for a business podcast), and then I was honest to god horrified to hear them advocating to ignore Covid19 and people’s health and safety the next minute.

They told their audience that Corona was a bit scary but /mostly massive lies/. They told their audience the 2% kill rate wasn’t a concern. **They ENCOURAGED their audience to buy their $1000 live-stream and then HAVE THEIR FRIENDS COME OVER to watch it together.**

Please, even if you disagree with me, even if you disagree with all of the statistics, and all of the news, and all of the people in Italy begging you to take this seriously – don’t give out anti-safety advice to your followers. Keep it to yourself. Ask yourself: is a Covid19 slam worth it if one day down the road a loyal follower says they listened to you, and they ended up with the virus? That they have a hospital bill they can’t pay? That they infected someone who died?

If you have trust, think carefully about what you say. That is all.

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I know this sounds grim but I think if they showed more images of all the dead bodies in Italy people would be more alarmed. “500 dead” is a just number, but if you see a truckload of coffins… serious stuff, eh?


> buy their $1000 live-stream and then HAVE THEIR FRIENDS COME OVER to watch it together.

Is this some sort of televangelist thing? Paying money to watch a live streamed podcast? Getting together in person to watch a live stream? I have no idea what any of this means, don’t pay any attention to podcasts or religion. Are these just evangelical older religious people who have no idea how podcasts and streaming is supposed to work? I’m genuinely curious if you could explain a bit more about what the hell that is.

As far as religious extremists who believe they can pray the disease away… there’s not much you can do about it. We have a president who believes everything will be fine in 21 days and is saying he wants people to go to church. I generally avoid talking politics & religion but those two things are currently creating a potentially disastrous situation. Churches have young and elderly people in close proximity. Unfortunately, if people believe praying will actually protect them from the virus… well, you can’t fix stupid.

edit: Just wanted echo what everyone else has been saying, you should stay calm during this whole thing; but you can’t just think about yourself. I’m not worried at all about myself if I were to get the virus, however I could very easily pass it onto my mother and uncle, the latter of which is a heavy smoker and both are in their 60s. They would have a much lower chance of survival.

The question is “how long before keeping the economy closed causes more carnage than coronavirus” and right now that’s a question that nobody is really asking.

I live in the US and am very, very afraid. Here’s why: The US doesn’t have universal health care so hospitals are free to turn away people without insurance or means to pay. As a result you’re going to see poor people literally dying in the street.

Before that happens millions of people whose livelihoods were destroyed by the virus will take up arms to feed their families. They won’t have a choice. So you’re looking at civil war like conditions. That will cause more casualties, which hospitals can continue to turn away.

It’s going to get really ugly really soon. Where the virus might have normally just caused a few thousand deaths (if the US were like a civilized country) you’re going to see tens of million die. Maybe more. People aren’t going to know what hit them.

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