Dyson just launched three new technologies for your home which are Lightcycle task light, Pure Cool Me fan and V11 Absolute

On 8th May, Dyson came forth with their latest technologies that are Lightcycle Desk Light, Pure Cool Me BP01 Personal Purifying Fan and V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. These products were launched in Southeast Asia and India.

Dyson has always strived to improve their customer experience and these products lead them one step closer to their goal. Read below to find out more about the company and their latest products.

Learn About Dyson:

At Dyson, innovation and invention are the two things that make it stand tall among its competitors. It has used technology in simple household appliances so efficiently that it is hard to comprehend.


Based in Britain, this technology company first came into the business in 1991. The founder of this company is Sir James Dyson.

Expansion & Reach:

Getting tired of the European and British trade restrictions, Dyson moved their headquarters to Singapore. This was also beneficial for the manufacturing process of their electric vehicle.

From then till now, Dyson is continuously expanding its reach and is focusing more on Asian trade. Their products are quite famous in not only Southeast Asia but also in India.

These new products are also a part of their expansion and reach strategy as they design their future appliances according to the customer demands coming from around the world.

What it does?

Aside from providing their customers with a wide range of home appliances, Dyson also offers repair and customer service for your purchased items. You can avail this facility by going to their website and selecting ‘Your Dyson’ as an option.

Vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, heaters, bladeless fans, hand dryers, and lights are few of the home appliances that you can buy from Dyson. Moreover, Dyson keeps launching new products after every few months to keep their customers interested.

This latest product launch is another attempt of Dyson to keep things interested. Whether their customers are interested or not, Dyson has gotten our attention.

Let’s go through the features and manufacturing technology behind these products to get ourselves acquainted with them.

Dyson Lightcycle Desk Light

Before launching this Lightcycle, Dyson did some extensive research about customer needs and market competition. That is why they were able to design something this useful and productive. This new technology not only saves energy but also becomes one with your life. You won’t even notice and this Lightcycle desk light will be facilitating your needs.


Here are few of the features of Lightcycle Desk Light that might help you understand the buzz surrounding its launch:

  • Unique Light Quality

Dyson claims that their new Lightcycle desk light can maintain the quality of the light for up to 60 years. No matter where you are in the world, your Lightcycle desk light will adjust its quality of light according to your surroundings.

How is that possible?

The satellite measured data for daylight quality at different parts of the world and at different times is used to adjust the quality of light for this product. These satellite measurements exceed the mark of one million. It is important to mention the built-in 32-bit micro compressor used in this light that makes use of this data with the help of the optical driver to tune the colour of this Lightcycle dynamically.

  • Heat Pipe Technology

The LEDs used in this product also play a big part in adjusting the light quality according to your surroundings.

There are total six high quality leads, three are warm and the other three are cool. These are able to operate the colour temperatures of the light from 2,700K to 6,500K.

Furthermore, the heat pipe technology makes sure that the LEDs installed stay cool enough so that the light quality remains good for the next sixty years.

  • Protection & Precision in Positioning

It seems that Dyson is able to minimize the strain on your eyes even with a powerful brightness of 1000 Lux.

This is possible because of the glare protection and low optical flicker technology installed in it.

Furthermore, the 3 Axis Glide™ enables it to shed light where you need it most. It works not only horizontally and vertically but also at a 360° turn.

  • Customize Light Adjustments

By connecting your Lightcycle with the Dyson Link App, you can allow this product to customize its lightening according to your sleep patterns, age and task.

  • Motion Sensors

Now, you don’t have to worry about wasting any power as this light senses your motion and turns on off according to your presence around it.

  • Charging & Power

The battery lasts for a long time and can be

Other Information:

This Lightcycle weighs around 9.02 lbs and uses LEDs as its light source. The input voltage is 100 to 200 volts and the light output ratio is 82.1%.

Dyson Pure Cool Me™ BP01 personal purifying fan

Dyson has designed this purifying fan for personal use instead of a whole room. You will not be able to ventilate a whole room using this fan. It is designed to provide clean, focused and high-velocity air for you. While using this product, clean and breathable is guaranteed by the manufacturer.


Following are the few things that make this purifying fan a better option for your personal use:

  • Dyson Core Flow™ Technology & Precise Air Flow

The Core Flow technology is trademarked to Dyson and sets the fan apart from its peers. Using this technology, this purifying fan by Dyson is able to focus the stream of its air.

It aligns its high velocity air jets in convex surface and achieves a quality air flow.

  • HEPA filter & Pollutants

Just as its name suggests, this fan is more than just an innovated fan as it helps to get rid off the 99.97% pollutants in the air.

How is that possible?

The HEPA filtration installed in picks up all the allergens and pollutants from the surroundings and makes your breathing clear of harmful anomalies.

This HEPA filtration is highly strong as it gets rid off pollutants as small as 0.3 microns.

  • Unique Oscillation

As we’ve mentioned before, the fan allows you to have a focused stream of air flow wherever you like. That would have been impossible to achieve if not for its 70° unique oscillation feature.

Now, you can rotate your fan from side to side instead of changing your position in the room.

  • Sleep Timer

Are you prone to leaving your devices running when out or sleeping? Dyson has understood the needs of their customers and hence incorporated this feature in their product.

You can set the sleeper timer starting from fifteen minutes till nine hours. After doing this, you’ll be able to sleep soundlessly and comfortably without any interruptions.

  • Convenient Filter Maintenance

You can easily change its filters without any outside help. The instructions are simple to follow and you won’t even need the manual after changing first time.

There is an in-built indicator installed in it that let’s you know when your fan’s filter needs changing.

Other Information:

It is important to mention that the Dyson Pure Cool Me™ BP01 purifying fan comes with a two year part and labor guarantee. It weighs around 6.17 pounds and has around 10-speed settings for its air jets. Furthermore, it is around 15 inches in height and 9 inches in circular width.

Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson has designed this new model of their V series, especially for a pet house. You don’t need to spend hours on getting rid off your pet’s hair from your furniture, floor, and carpets. With its increased suction power and variety of tools, Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is able to get rid of all kinds of dirt and dust particles.


Following are the key features of this product that makes Dyson’s new product range exciting:

  • Smart LED Screen

Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has a smart LED installed on its handle. This LED screen serves several purposes instead of just showing you the cleaning mode.

If there seems to be a blockage any problem related to filter maintenance then it will show up on your LED screen. This way, you won’t have to look for the problem in your equipment blindly.

  • Advanced Cleaning Modes

The motor of this particular has more suction power than other vacuum cleaners. Moreover, this suction can be adjusted across three cleaning modes that are mentioned below in detail:

  1. Auto Mode

This mode enables your vacuum to adapt after senses the need of the user. It will change its suction power and cleaning capacity according to the floor type.

It is necessary that we elaborate how does this Auto Mode operate?

Dyson has installed Dynamic Load System (DLS) in this V11 model which allows it to change its suction power and motor speed according to the floor type.

  • Eco Mode

If you want to clean the house leisurely and in detail then this mode will help you do that. The battery runtime while using this mode is 60 minutes and you can use it across all types of floors.

  • Boost Mode

This particular lets you clean the stubborn dirt with its quick suction. This removed dirt is thrown into the bin attached to it directly.

If you are aiming for quick but efficient cleaning then work with the boost mode on.

  • Powerful & Long Lasting Battery

As we’ve mentioned before, Dyson V11 Vacuum Cleaner has more suction power than most vacuum cleaners, but it specifically has 20% increased suction power than Dyson V10 Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner.

Moreover, it uses 7-cells – lithium batteries that allow you to have increased suction power and different cleaning modes.

  • Easy Storage & Convenient Usage

The model comes with a wall mounted hanger where you can just drop your vacuum cleaner after cleaning and grab it whenever you need.

It doesn’t have a cord, so your mobility is not limited. Its lightweight further facilitates your cleaning process.

  • High Torque Cleaner Head

Why this particular model of Dyson is so efficient and considered to be better than its previous models? That is because of the high torque mechanism used for its cleaning head.

This cleaning head further uses stiff nylon bristles to remove deep-seated dirt and the accompanied soft bristles get rid of the remaining dust particles.

Other Information:

It is essential to know that the suction power of this model captures 99.97% of pollutants and allergens as small as 0.3 microns. Furthermore, its 14 cyclones generate a force of 79.000g that makes the transfer of dirt and debris from the ground to the bin possible. This specific vacuum cleaner weighs around 6.68 pounds and comes with a number of tools that are stiff bristle brush, combination tool, crevice tool, wand storage slip, and mini motorized tool.

Launch of New Technologies & Dyson’s future:

As we’ve mentioned before, with changing time and customer demands, Dyson has to introduce new models and products often. This allows them to fight in the big league with sustainable resources.

These new launches are not only good for Dyson but it also helps customers improve the quality of their lives. For instance, the use of power-saving and environmentally friendly Lightcycle desk light can reduce the level of warmth from the atmosphere. Furthermore, the use of V11 vacuum cleaner and Pure Cool Me™ personal purifying fan can make your daily lives a lot easier.


People might ask, what’s so special about Dyson launching new technologies? Almost every manufacturer is introducing something new in the market.

But launching products equipped with the latest technology won’t be enough if it isn’t productive. Dyson’s products are not only new and innovative, but they also bring results.

It is important to know that Dyson sells what it advertises and not a single one of their launched products falls short of user expectations. Customers hope that with these newly launched products, Dyson will be able to achieve their goals yet again, while further expanding their reach. Check out Dyson V8 Absolute vs Dyson Animal article if you are interested to find out more about Dyson vacuum cleaners.

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