Dyson V8 Absolute Vs Dyson V8 Animal Vacuum

Job workload, unattended household chores, running short on time, a mechanical routine, this is what characterizes your urban professional life. You are always looking for ways to ease and facilitate your multiple roles. Technology definitely has a way of doing that. Amidst all the work to be done, keeping your place clean is a major task. Manual cleaning consumes long hours – something which you cannot afford. You have to do some smart work when it comes to household cleaning.

For this, you need smart technology. Vacuum cleaners offer you one fast way of cleaning your house. Thinking about buying the one best vacuum cleaner? You might have tried different companies, but nothing beats Dyson when it comes to vacuum cleaners. With four broad categories of products, Dyson specializes in vacuum cleaners and provides you with the best solutions and innovative designs.

About Dyson:

Here is all you need to know about Dyson:

  • The Founder:

James Dyson is the big name behind Dyson products, and it all begins with one man. This man is known as the inventor of ‘cyclonic vacuum technology’. Being a design engineer, he founded his company in 1993 and since then, this company has exemplified efficiency and innovation coming up with the ‘industry-best’ vacuum cleaners. James Dyson is now in his seventies but is no less passionate about engineering and design. He has even set up the James Dyson Foundation for his legacy to continue after him.

  • James Dyson Foundation:

James Dyson Foundation is the charity organization of James Dyson which carries forward his mission. The foundation focuses on shaping the creative innovation of young engineers and to make engineering fun. Starting from classrooms, this foundation provides material resources as well as mentorship to shape the most creative and environment-friendly engineering future. Moreover, the engineers at Dyson design fun activities for young learners to make engineering and design more fun and to arouse engineering oriented thinking. Also, there is the James Dyson Award in 27 countries for new ideas and inventions in the field of design engineering.

  • Origin and Expansion of Dyson:

Dyson as a company started in 1993 as a startup by four engineers in the UK, one of them being Sir James Dyson. With James Dyson inventing bagless cyclonic vacuum technology, innovation and expansion began at Dyson. In 2013, the company had 6000 employees and was operational in Singapore and Malaysia as well. Starting form vacuum cleaners, the company worked on other products as well. Some of the products failed while others were a success. In 2016, Dyson released its supersonic hair dryer and in 2018 a curling iron alongside improved models of vacuum cleaners. At present, it has 90% of its sales outside the UK, huge investments in universities in the UK and a project of an electric car to be unveiled in 2020.

Now, we are going to talk about two vacuum cleaner models of the Dyson’s V series in detail. The V8 Absolute and the V8 Animal are a preference for a great number of users. Now that Dyson has launched successive new designs after the V8, we will discuss the remarkable features and technologies of the V8 models that make them unique and make them users’ favorites. We will discuss the V8 vacuum cleaner generally first and then will explicate the differences in the two V8 models and their comparison.

Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Launching of the product:

After ten years of first introducing the cordless technology in vacuum cleaners, Dyson launched the V8 cordless vacuum cleaner in 2016. Compared with the preceding V6 design, the V8 surfaced with increased run time and an improved motor technology which Dyson created after eighteen months of research and many long hours of testing. The sophistication of this product can be gauged by looking at the ten years long time span of evolution, improvement, and innovation. Moreover, James Dyson while talking about the V8 vacuum cleaner, said that the company spent 250 million pounds on developing the motor placed inside this cordless vacuum cleaner.


  • Two Models:

The V8 vacuum cleaner has two models: the V8 Absolute and the V8 Animal. The former is for cleaning all around the house and the latter is for houses with pet animals hence more adapted to picking up and cleaning animal hair.

  • Accessories and Tools:

The Absolute model comes with seven additional tools and accessories and the Animal model has six such additional tools and accessories. These additional tools are attachments to be attached and removed according to the type of cleaning that you are doing. Moreover, there is a dock station into the accessory pack as well, which you can attach to your wall or door for placing the vacuum cleaner once you are done with the cleaning.

  • Two Power Modes:

There is an easy switch button which helps you choose between a ‘MAX’ power mode in which you can do a maximum powerful cleaning for up to seven minutes for places which you feel are more unclean and need rigorous suction and a ‘Powerful mode’ in which you can do the usual cleaning for longer minutes.

  • Run Time:

One key feature that one looks for while buying any vacuum cleaner is the run time; that is for how many minutes the cleaner will clean your house without interruption. The V8 has an average run time of forty minutes makes it one best purchasing option. Forty minutes is enough time to do a full cleaning around the floors and carpets. The run time, however, varies depending upon the power mode that you are using and also the attachment or tool you are using. For example, if you are doing the cleaning in the MAX mode, it would decrease the run time. But, in the powerful mode, it runs for a good forty minutes.

  • Digital Motor V8:

Months of research and hours of testing produced a more powerful and smaller in size Dyson digital V8 motor. It spins at up to 110,000 rounds per minute which is even faster than the engine of a Formula One car. The switching of the polarity of neodymium magnets causes the motor to spin and the polarity of magnets is switched by digital pulses. So the V8 vacuum cleaner is all about digital technology.

  • 2 Tier Radical Cyclones:

Cyclone technology is what marks the dawn of the Dyson vacuum cleaners and earned them the status of the best vacuum cleaners available the world over. In the V8 cleaner, fifteen cyclones are fitted into two tiers to create a strong centrifugal force which in turn strongly captures even microscopic dirt, thereby giving huge efficiency to the V8 vacuum cleaner.

  • Powerful Suction:

This vacuum cleaner is characterized by powerful suction both on the floors and the carpets. The powerful suction ensures better cleaning and suction of microscopic dirt and animals’ hair. This is possible all because of the digital V8 motor and the 2 tier cyclone technology.

  • Hygienic Bin:

Cleaning the house with a vacuum cleaner is one thing and cleaning the vacuum cleaner after house cleaning is another. The V8 cleaner comes with a hygienic bin emptying system through which you are able to safely dispel the dirt without involving your hands and getting them dirty. This is one big advantage for all those who cannot bear any trace of dirt on their hands.

  • Asthma and Allergy Friendly:

House cleaning becomes an almost impossible task when you suffer from asthma or are allergic to dust. But this V8 vacuum cleaner has got you covered. It is certified asthma and allergy-friendly, it sucks and keeps the allergens inside and does not throw them back into the air of your house. In this way, you are not only able to clean your house floors and carpets but also the air itself.

  • Other Specifications:

Speaking about the physical features of this vacuum cleaner, it comes with a height of 9.8 inches and a length of 49 inches. The time it takes to fully charge the cleaner is 5 hours. The suction power in the MAX mode is 115AW. Having mentioned the detailed features which are common to both V8 Absolute and Animal, we are now going to present short individual reviews of both of these models and will then compare the two. This will help you decide which one is more suited to your needs and priorities.

Review of Dyson V8 Absolute:

Despite the introduction of successive advanced models, V8 Absolute is still a great cordless vacuum cleaner. It is versatile and is suitable for cleaning on multiple floor types. You can use it on hard marble floors, wooden floors, ceilings as well as carpets. All your cleaning needs are covered into this complete package. Moreover, it cleans quietly – there is no displeasing motor sound. The thing that we often dislike about vacuum cleaners is that they disturb our piece while the cleaning is in progress. But this is not the case with V8 Absolute. You can do your cleaning without disturbing the sleep of your loved ones. The company claims that noise reduction in V8 Absolute is 50% less than the former V6.

V8 Absolute is surely an expensive option but when you look at the battery life, you are tempted to make a long-lasting investment. The money you spend on buying this vacuum will not disappoint you. This cleaner will be with you for years. It gives you a sufficient forty minutes to clean around the house compared to only twenty minutes runtime of V6. In forty minutes, you can do some detailed cleaning. This is so lightweight that these forty minutes would not be a hard time at all. You can roam around carrying this without feeling that you are holding something very heavy. In this aspect, it is easily used by old aged people as well.

The seven accessories that come along in the package add to the versatility of this vacuum cleaner. You can transform it into a handheld tool when you feel you need to clean more closely. You can make it long and short in accordance with what you wish to clean. You can divert it to MAX mode for cleaning some strong clingy trash or you can use it for cleaning inside your car. The cleaning performance will not fade as the runtime advances. The forty minutes of running would be a fade-free efficient experience. In these forty minutes, you can take it into the bookshelves, roll it to pick dirt around the chairs, extend it to swipe dirt into ceiling corners and much more.

Review of Dyson V8 Animal:

V8 Animal vacuum cleaner by Dyson is a perfect cordless, bag-less cleaner for homes with pets. It has been designed to efficiently pick and collect animal hair into its bin. It comes with a mini tool to clean pet beds and also to pick up hair from the car seats. It has a docking station which can be installed easily installed on any wall. The vacuum cleaner can be safely placed in the docking station after use when it needs to be charged for using again. Since animal hairs are very thin, light and difficult to collect otherwise, the V8 Animal is designed to pick even invisible pet hair with precision. It is equally as good as the V8 Absolute though the Absolute is not suitable for pet homes. If you want perfection in your home cleaning and own a pet, then the V8 Animal should be your first choice.

It is easy to empty the bin of this vacuum cleaner while your hands remain clean. The bin is a little small in size. But, if there are lots of pet hair around, you can empty it twice since it is very convenient to empty. The design is slim and smart and easy to hold, given its light weight. The V8 Animal is even lighter than the Absolute and does not cause any fatigue.

The look of this cleaner is also very appealing. It is of a grey metallic color. There is a switch button through which you can shift between MAX mode and powerful mode. You can also clean and wash the different parts very easily. Most of the parts are detachable so you can clean and wash to your satisfaction. V8 Animal has an amazing suction power even while operating at standard mode. The suction can be made even stronger by attaching additional tools.

Though it lacks the additional soft cleaner head for hard floors, it still gives impressive results on hard floors, picking up dirt and hair. It gives excellent cleaning results on carpeted floors and stairs. You can easily pick up hair and debris that are stuck under the carpets using this cleaner.

Comparing Dyson V8 Absolute and V8 Animal:

Both of these models are essentially the same and share a number of common similar features. They utilize the same motor, their functionality is the same, they have similar power modes and runtimes. There are only a few differences but these few differences are significant enough to shape your preferences. Let us put down the points of difference between these two models and then see who should buy what.

  1. Cleaner Heads:

The primary difference in the two models is that the Absolute has a soft roller cleaner head which is missing in the Animal model. This soft roller cleaner head is one remarkable thing. It is a fluffy cleaner made with soft woven nylon and anti-static carbon fiber. The engineering of this soft roller cleaner head makes it perfect for cleaning hard floors and surfaces. Moreover, the softness prevents the cleaner from putting any scratches or causing any damage to the wooden and the hard marble floors alike.

The V8 Animal only has the direct drive cleaner head which is more suited to picking dirt and hair from carpets.

  • Tools and Accessories:

Both the models are packed with same tools and accessories but the list for V8 Animal’s accessories is one digit shorter than the Absolute’s. The Animal comes with six while the Absolute comes with seven attachments. The missing accessory in the Animal’s pack is the soft roller cleaner head that we have just talked about. All other accessories are the same. We notice that there is no distinct tool in the V8 Animal which is specifically designed for picking animal hair. The mini motorized tool which we suspect of fulfilling this job is also present in the Absolute model.

  • Price:

Price is one prime factor which shapes buyers’ choices and preferences. The V8 Absolute and Animal are not the same in their prices. The V8 Animal is cheaper than the Absolute. According to the price given by Dyson, the Animal model is ninety pounds cheaper than the Absolute. This difference in price can be well understood by keeping in view the absence of a soft roller cleaner head in the Animal model’s kit.

  • Weight:

There is one more difference in the two models as well and this difference is that of the weight. V8 Absolute is slightly heavier than the V8 Animal. Absolute is of 5.75Ibs and Animal is of 5.63Ibs. So Animal is a little more convenient in carrying.

Which One to Buy?

After having jotted down what makes V8 Absolute different from V8 Animal, it is now time to strike back to the bottom line question: which one of the two should you buy? In order to know the answer to this, you have to first see whether you have more wooden or marble flooring at your house or you have most of your house covered with carpets. If former is the case, you should think of choosing the V8 Absolute so that the soft roller cleaner head gently cleans your hard floors without any damage. But, what if you have hard floors as well as pet animals? Since the V8 Animal has been designed specifically for homes with pets, you should consider buying it but you will be less sure about your floors.

However, this confusion can be easily resolved. You can buy the soft roller cleaner attachment separately along with the V8 Animal. This will cover you both ways and might also help you save some money. If you have no pets and hard floors, then V8 Absolute is the best vacuum cleaner you can have with a powerful battery and long run time.

Customer Reviews:

To further compare the two V8 models, we have looked at the customers’ responses to these two products. We have picked up the ratings from Dyson’s US official website and from Amazon. At Dyson’s website, the V8 Animal has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 compared with the 4.8 of V8 Absolute. At Amazon, the pattern is just the same with the V8 Absolute having a better rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 and the Animal having 4.2 stars. So, based on customer reviews, V8 Absolute has a better rating.


There are a lot of vacuum cleaners in the market to choose from. Each one of us wants to make choices that are long-lasting. In buying home appliances, the brand matters a great deal. There are brands in the market that have earned our trust over time. In the case of vacuum cleaners, Dyson is one such name. While Dyson has introduced many designs, the V8 vacuum cleaner has its place in a great many households. With its lightweight, slim design, simple portability, powerful suction, long battery time and much more, V8 is one of the best. With two extended models, it gets difficult to decide which one to buy. Now, with a detailed account of all the features and comprehensive comparison, an easier and more reliable choice can be made. You should keep your requirements in mind while taking a look at the reviews, then choose the one that seems to be the best vacuum cleaner for your needs. Happy vacuuming and happy cleaning!

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