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Establishing own certification company?

Hey guys!
I am from a country where we do not have access to certifications like ITIL or Scrum. I had the idea to contact the organisations and build a cooperation. I saw that many of them are private organisations that managed to become a „standard“ in the respective markets so I thought about founding my own organisation and offering them own national certifications. The con is that they arent known in the international market but since people in of country cannot travel to other countries it would be enough to have a national standard. What do you think?

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I run my own education institution myself. I just started and said what it was on the website. I worked on the side and advertisement and organically It grew. I registered the business name as an consultancy/education and that was it. Now it’s known as a higher education institution. It’s not a government recognised institution but so what. People come to me for my technology school and I provide education services.

The best thing to do is start, grow and be recognised for it then branch out. Everyone started from somewhere.

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