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Findind the right way to explain a solution.

Hey everyone,

It’s been a little while that me and my brother (also my co-founder) try to find the right way to communicate what our software do for people in a way that they can understand.

My girlfriend, who’s not at all into tech, have no idea what we do, sometimes I think I’ve managed to explain it to her but then, a day later, I notice that I didn’t.

When I sit with a professional in a domain or another, I usually manage to explain to them by giving examples they can relate to which then usually have them say “I need this” (the example).

The problem is, when it comes to a websites landing page, you need some sort of general approach that anyone can understand rapidly. So far what we’ve done is make ‘uses cases’ so people can relate to them, a little bit like I’d do when explaining person to person. The issue with it so far is that people want the ‘use case’ but don’t understand the solution underneath.

I’m curious to know how some of you might have approached this kind of issue. How did you find your way to explain it?

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Economic buyers of stuff are not generally professionals in a given domain although they have have been earlier in their career. It’s hard to tell you exactly without understanding what field/sector etc you are in but generally all or any of the following:

– Solutions mapped to sectors

– Solutions mapped to use cases

– Real case studies tied to sectors and use cases

I am in love with the value based approach. Try answering those two questions:

– What if the value that i creating for my customers?
– (As a customer) What’s in it for me?

Try to boil it down to 3 lines of text. If a graph can help, use it as well.

as for the experts, this is the when the question of how you will deliver this gains traction.

It doesn’t matter if you can explain it to your girlfriend.

You need to be able to explain it to your customer.

I mean, I think that the best way to describe your software is probably through examples as you have mentioned with pictures, video examples, slides etc where you literally bring out the problems your target audience has and how will your product, software in this case, solve it.

It’s hard to give specific advice since I have no idea whatsoever what kind of software we are talking about.

1 use case can help customers understand the problem and how your software helps overcome it.
The use case can be from any industry or field.

The idea is to make the customer realise the value of the product using a simple use case.

Let’s take the example of a cellphone.
There are hundreds of things that you can do with your cellphone. But let’s take one basic and simple use case.

Use case: A cellphone enables you to stay connected with your near and dear ones no matter the distance.

That’s it. Can you see the value of the cellphone now? Are you convinced about the use of a cellphone?

I hope this helps you understand that 1 simple unrelated use case can help customers see the value of the product.

only your potential customers should understand your landing page, the average person is utterly irrelevant

Hello friend

I think you are describing a technology which is unclear what is it really and what it does, sometimes I watch on Youtube 5 minutes video ad of a technology solution and it still could be unclear

If you understand your sector pretty well and all the players suppliers, customers and competitirs etc .., and can really differntiate the different parts of your value proposition and build a positioning communication statement (for who, what and why) while using a simple english, then I think it could be more clear

So please think about this and try to reply with an answer so we could see maybe we could help better

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