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Former shy entrepreneur who would love to ask you a question!

I assume you are pretty cool people who are passionate about your business. I’ve noticed a lot of entrepreneurs don’t have a lot of time to live their optimal social/dating life. I definetely understand this, and would love to learn what you would want to be even better at to live your ideal dating life?
PS: DW not trying to sell you anything 🙂

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I’d like to be better at making up excuses to work/not go to things 🙂

RE: dating, I’d like to filter potential dates for those who logistically fit into my schedule.

Never have been on a date, so maybe get better at talking to people in general. I noticed that I can get along with complete strangers within minutes if I feel like there’s a business opportunity, feels a bit like I have a mask on during those moments. But with people of my age and especially females I really can’t keep any kind of conversation going if it’s just small talk. So I would want to be a competent human being in socialising, but hey I’m just 17 so probably shouldn’t complain about becoming a wizard

Hi, I got a little bit heavy question😅simply curious to know how do you place yourself with regards to the political ideology? liberal,conservative or moderate? And do you think this matters in your choice to engage in this career

I have been an entrepreneur my whole dating life (now engaged) and honestly, most people found it really interesting hearing about my business. And I feel my lack of availability almost intrigued them more? I met a lot of people through networking and industry parties so I was working on my business while being social. Efficiency 😉

I learned that I basically have time for my startup and two other things I care about. So many things tend to fade while working on a business.

I should have been better at saying “I’m going to be busy for the next few years so….does that work for you?” lol

It’s been soooo long since I was single but, I still remember it lol.

The answer is

“I’m too fkin busy, I don’t have time to fk around on some dating site spamming messages to girls”

“ I just want to bang something, if it turns into a relationship coooollllll, but I just want to bang something”

Now don’t judge me I’m happily married. But I remember what it was like.

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