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Go it alone or stick with my friend

to keep things short, we have a brand, that we just started, and i mean just started, no website, no shirts etc we just have a name. we plan to start of selling t-shirts

I have one type of vision for this brand i feel strong about it but my friend just doesn’t get it, i also feel most of the know how (what needs to be done ) is coming from me.

I just thought it would help having two people work on the brand, 2 people are better then one, more ideas more man power..

but i feel i come up with one design and want to keep consistency whereas then my friend comes up with another design and its completely not in sync….

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I would say do it yourself. If it’s simply just T-shirts, then I don’t see why it would require two people to run the company. If I were you, I would take on this business myself, and consult with him on designs and pay him for whatever you think is useful. This way you drive the brand an image as your vision it.

But the chances of your “brand“ succeeding is very slim. The T-shirt online business is such a saturated market that 99% of these “brands“ die within the first few months. People think it’s as simple as creating a design and throwing it on a T-shirt and then they think people are going to buy it.

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