Google has built a tiny Street View car to map out one of the world’s largest model cities and is Awesome

It is no news that Google has always been at the forefront of the technology boom that started in the 90’s and is still going on in full swing. It is a multinational tech giant that stands beside big names like Amazon, Facebook, and Apple in the web and technology world.

Google has always focused on services related to internets such as software, search engine, cloud computing, hardware, online marketing, and advertising technologies. But every now and then, Google doesn’t hesitate to try something new. That explains why they did what they did for Miniature Wunderland recently.

Before going deeper into this new service offered by Google to Miniature Wunderland, you need to know more about Miniature Wunderland.

Miniature Wunderland:

Miniature Wunderland is a model railway city in Hamburg, Germany. Though the model is miniature, it doesn’t stop it from becoming the largest model city in the world. It has several sections and everything is not built at once. Frederik & Gerrit Braun along with Stephen Hertz are the founders of this model railway.

More about Miniature Wunderland:

The founders started building the first section of this city back in 2000 which was completed in 2001. From 2000 till now, they have added several sections and the model are expected to be complete in 2024.

The immense magnitude of this creation!

When we said that this is the largest model city in the world, maybe we failed to make you understand the sheer magnitude of this amazing creation.

The train set in this city has a huge length that is about 15,400 m which means if you cover this much length you’ll be able to reach the top of the Mount Everest and there will still be enough length left to go down 6,000 m from the other side. Brilliant! Isn’t it?

That’s why the Guinness Book of World Record has recorded this train set as the largest train set in the whole world.

Moreover, it is important to mention that there are 1,300 trains running in this model city.

Life at Miniature Wunderland:

The title must have made you raise your eyebrows as it does sound absurd. How can there be life at a miniature model? But the creators of this model have made sure that they keep this model as interacting as possible. There are moving cars, trains, cars, and airplanes that create an illusion of something real. These things work like they normally would in the real world and that makes this model even more fascinating than it already was.

It is significant to note that the creation of Miniature Wunderland would have been incomplete if there were no human figurines added in it. A city without people doesn’t sound good and it doesn’t matter if it’s a model city or a real one. There are around 400,000 human figurines scattered all over the sections of Miniature Wunderland. These figurines perform normal human actions, hence they make this city more spectacular than it already was.

An in-depth view of Miniature Wunderland:

As mentioned above, there have been constant additions in this city from its creation till now. First, Germany’s section was created, followed by the USA, Scandinavia, and Denmark. Later on, Norway, Sweden and some parts of Finland were added. It didn’t just end there as the creators moved on to add Switzerland and Italy and are planning to add Monaco and France after completing Venice.

They’ve been working on Venice’s model for over two years and according to the model builder, Liez, they find it the most difficult to create Venice as they are paying more attention to the details than they ever did before.

Furthermore, if we are talking about technical difficulties then it took five years to make an efficient traffic program for the airport and the cars. Figuring out how they can make 60 aeroplanes take off and land without any accidents was particularly hard to piece together. Similarly, it was hard to move 300 cars without any one of them bumping into each other.

The largest charging stations for these cars are at Knuffingen. When the system feels that a car is slowing down, then that car is lead to the charging station by people sitting in the control towers and these cars are charged independently.

One thing that we’ve learned is that creators of Miniature Wunderland have struggled with technology at some point or another. Google lending a helping hand to improve the spectators’ experience of witnessing the miniature glory of Wunderland does make sense.

Google Improves your Miniature Wunderland Experience!

There is probably no one in the world right now who hasn’t heard of Google Maps. Google’s service that helps you navigate the route anywhere in the world is truly a blessing.

Now Google has made something similar to Google Maps for Miniature Wunderland in collaboration with a mapping software company, Ubilabs.

Together with Ubilabs, Google introduced a tiny Street View car which will let you see Miniature Wunderland as if you are walking or driving on the roads of Miniature Wunderland.

How does it work?

Google has built a tiny camera together with Ubilabs and this camera is mounted on top of a tiny car that moves on the roads of Miniature Wunderland and gives you a new perspective of this city.

For this to make successful, Google has to collaborate with not only Ubilabs but also the tech team of Miniature Wunderland. As mentioned above, their tech team controls which car goes on which route and which plan flies when – one wrong move and chaos will ensue. You can enjoy this new view of Miniature Wunderland by accessing Google Street View. With this, you can witness a man-made wonder just by sitting in your house comfortably. It is fairly easy to use like all Google services and you don’t have to pay any charges either.

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