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Has anyone here pivoted from IB/PE into the startup space?

I’m looking to join a startup after undergrad but I have a few questions/concerns that I’d like to get some people that transitioned from FO finance roles to chime in on. They’re about but not limited to things like what they do in their respective startups, how they switched, the easiest pathway, etc.

I have to get 250 words to be able to post this so I guess I’ll just give a bit of info so people can see where I’m coming from.

I’m a Business Analytics major at a school in Boston that is relatively well known for its business program. Honestly it’s not that hard to find out which one if you stalk my reddit profile. I want to go into startups and potentially early stage VC later on but I understand coming in from a business degree is almost useless because why would you hire bring on a business analyst that has no business experience? Doesn’t make sense. That’s why I’m looking into IB/PE, I figure I do the 2-3 years, get some experience, then either start my own venture or join someone else.

I think that’s 250 words. Should suffice.

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My questions for those that did are:

What is your current role and what does it entail?

How many hours would you say you work per week?

Compare it to IB/PE – more interesting? Less interesting?

How was the transition? Was it hard/easy? Anything you wish you knew?

Do you think you could’ve entered into the startup space without your IB/PE experience?

Any advice you wish you could give to yourself 5 years ago?

Anything extra you want to say?

Every startup needs sales, biz dev, and finance/accounting people.

CFO, business analyst, financial analyst, salesperson, data analyst, business development manager… all of these are typical startup roles for people coming from IB/PE backgrounds.

This is a legitimate concern. What I used to do when I was your age. What worked for me was to look for people in LinkedIn with (1) the exact same role that I want in a Startup straight from schools similar to mine, and (2) same role transitioned after IB/PE. Reach out via LinkedIn and try to talk to them.


Most people will be very open to chat with you, give advice and, if you are lucky (I know I was), they will introduce you to somebody at your dream company

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