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How did you get your first customer?

Interested to know the different ways people acquired their first paying customer.

What kind of business do you run and how did you get your first customer?

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House painting business
Lost hope of launching becuase covid
Out of no where a guy who’s door I knocked on 6 months ago gave me a call and then I got another smaller job just by putting my card on mailboxes(not in)

Door knocking was great pre pandemic

I’m running a software as a service business – to be specific, a personal page builder ([link]( I think I probably got my first customer from a tweet I made on Twitter? Anyway, Twitter is a really good place to build an audience, highly recommend for anyone thinking of starting a business.

My brother was technically my first client, although I didn’t actually start my business until 25 years after producing a product for him. I just thought when I opened a generic store on Etsy that I would put this one particular product in there and it soon became a best-seller.– enough so that I rebranded my store to only carry this particular product.

I wrote a whole post about it a few months back: [](

Long story short, I had to change my idea (basically start a different business) with a market that’s more accessible and hungrier for my product.

It’s probably not the answer you want to hear, but sometimes it’s the answer you need to hear.

Without knowing more about your business, I’d say, if you’ve been trying to get your first customer for months but haven’t been able to, you might need to rip everything out and start afresh. Again, this depends on your business. I don’t know what you’re selling or whom your target market is.

All the best.

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