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How do I know I actually am entrepreneurial?

I want to start a business of some variety but I am very young. 15, in fact. Not going to start now or anytime in the next 2 years as school in tearing me a new one.
However, running a business and being able to help people sounds absolutely wonderful and the creative process and resource management that goes into a business sounds like a dream.

However, how do I know this isn’t just a fantasy I’ve made up in my head to escape from everyday stuff?

What do business owners even do?

How do I verify that these are actual feelings of entrepreneurship and not just a phase of wanting to be apart of something greater than myself?

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Take small steps. Find areas of gap between what is there and what customers need. Most Entrepreneurs start there and try to fill that need.

So, find something small. Is there a need in your school community that you could offer a service? Is there something in your neighborhood? some among friends and relatives? Don’t worry about business model and business plans to start with. Those will come later.

It is easier to sell / offer services to people who know you or know of you.

If your entrepreneurship itch is real, you wouldn’t be shy / embarrassed about pitching your business opportunity to people near you.

I just knew I wanted to own my own business since I was around 12. As a kid I was always buying and selling shit off Craiglist so I knew I loved creating new ways of making money.

In a nutshell – business owners solve problems for people. That’s essentially how the system works. I have to give you props; starting young is so excellent! I hope you learn about compounding on your investments over time because time is definitely on your side.

If you want my advice as a 15 year old I wish I learned more. Watch good videos, read non-fiction books, invest in yourself! It will pay off a lot in the long run. Find something your passionate about and see if there isn’t a gap you have a creative solution that will fill it.

What I did when I was 15 – I refereed soccer on the weekends. It paid in cash and the return on investment into the gear I spent was incredible. But I spent my money on a car. If I had instead invested that $10K in apple (which was a much smarter choice) I would have been $25K richer. And I read a lot about investing too I just didn’t take the plunge when I should have. The lesson I learned there – trust your gut! If you want to start something you should 100% do it

I knew I wanted to be some type of entrepreneur around that age or possibly a bit younger. It wasn’t that I thought I was “too good” for a regular job or the problem with authority type, just that I could see I’d never reach my potential or live the life I wanted in a salaried position. I didn’t actually put myself on an entrepreneurial path until after 2-3 years in college, but I’m soooo glad I did.

Start small – do freelance work, see that you like this job style and if you do continue to something bigger such as a company.

You can check upwork or fiverr for possible freelancing jobs that might suit your interests and knowledge, or other more specific freelancing websites if you know excatly what type of job suits you

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