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How do you successfully start an e-commerce store/business website?

I’ve been working on an idea for several months now, and the thought of starting an e-commerce store makes me feel very anxious and stressed. I’ve never created a fully functioning website before, and I don’t even know where to start besides getting a domain name.

I want to get a website up and running pretty quickly. Is it relatively straightforward to create a website on Shopify? Or should I try to hire someone to do this (even if budget is limited)?

Any advice/insights/tips is much appreciated!

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Making store you should do yourself.
Marketing, get a report made, then figure the rest out yourself.
Product wise, you’ll have to learn that stuff too.

You can get an e-commerce website for very little cost, just get some good product images. Getting customers to the website is the big challenge. Study your competitors and figure out if you can afford to compete.

Depending on the budget you are operating on, if very low you can build yourself. If not then I would hire someone as it is faster and will do a better job.
Spend more time in learning on how to market your site online and studying your competition, what makes them good & bad.

It is relatively straightforward to create one with shopify, however, keeping in mind that you’ve mentioned limited budget, I’d also suggest taking a look at budget friendly shipify alternatives like wix, weebly or zyro. there are enough of tutorials and other resources all over the internet which explain how to do set up an eCommerce or business website, besides, such knowledge is priceless – the more you know about it, the less anxiety you have.

[setting up a store is really easy.]( Dont hire someone to do that.

As for the mental part, I know that starting a company may feel overwhelming but it’s all about learning, once you start you will find out what works and what doesn’t. That’s my advice

Hire somebody. I ve made the mistake myself. You will get overwhelmed easily and leave the business in no time. Trust me. Not every thing is drag and drop as it seems .

Making an online store is easy. Now finding profitable products and getting people to your store who actually buy, that’s the hard part.

Have a look on a few outsourcing websites, if the site isn’t complicated and they are using a standard template it may only cost a few hundred dollars

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