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How is the fitness business changing?

I loved going to the gym but in my state they didn’t even discuss reopening them. Gyms are extrenely cheap and I suppose their business model accounts for a lot of unused memberships, but are they going to raise prices when they’re forced to cut capacity in half or less?

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This industry will be wiped out with a model that takes into account current realities. States realize it’s not just equipment sanitization but air systems.

Because gym owners can’t admit this, addressing ‘the new normal’ directly and unflinchingly will probably mint a bunch of new startups. This industry is now ripe for disruption.

Many gym goers pay month to month, some have annual memberships that have a fixed price. Many have frozen contracts till the situation returns to normal. It’s difficult to raise price in some industries because they’ll lose customers. Basically managers will just have to open when they predict the gyms ability to break even. I’ve heard some gyms have large waiting lists due to social distancing and have made additional arrangements.

Personally, I think this business will collaps. The interest into the fitness market is constantly increasing. With more and more personal trainers shooting out of the air combined with the increasing number of home fitness application etc, I think it is just a matter of time until people stop heading to the gym and start to sport in public places (single or in small groups). I’m curious to see what you guys think of it. 😁

Probably in the same boat. I use free weights and machines, essentially bodybuilding. I can’t do that at home, unless I move out get a house with a garage or space for a gym and make my own set-up.

For a lot of people they can do some form of home workout or in the park (helps that the weather is good right now in the UK). Think yoga, HIIT, barre, etc. But there’s a segment like me who hasn’t got a solution right now.

Gyms will stay. But as it’ll be for a smaller segment that really needs them, I suspect prices will go up to account for the lower demand. I’d pay more as I don’t have an alternative.

My gyms reopened. You just have to schedule your workout which is whatever I guess.

As far as from a business perspective… hard to tell. Perhaps a loss of income, but hard core gym people are still making it to the gym… so it doesn’t seem to be an issue

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