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How to prevent other people from screen recording your videos on a premium platform?

Hey guys,

So I have decided to start up a premium engineering video website where they get videos catered on a specific subject and in the end, you get a certificate acknowledging your work where you have to do practical tasks as well.

My question is, how do you stop other people from screen recording the videos and sharing?


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5 replies on “How to prevent other people from screen recording your videos on a premium platform?”

**1- Brand the videos** with your logo (as someone already suggested)

**2- Include your domain name as a water mark.**

**3- Offer something at your domain part way thru the video** – so at least you catch a ride off of the would be thief. Simple idea that we do: we always offer the presentation script (conveterd to an info ebook rather than a monologue) as a PDF at a certain page. Generates more traffic to our site and increases all the site metrics 🙂

**4- Add a transparent layer** on top of the video. Easy to do. Not difficult to get past. But the would be theif doesn’t know it is there for a while. The playback often comes up blank, with just the audio 🙂 doesn’t always work but does disrupt some people.

**5- Don’t worry too much about this**. As Buddhists say: one third of everything you ever own, gets lost, stolen or damaged or otherwise destroyed – **Focus on the other two thirds ;-)**

Combine it with something else. Online testing, certificates, a database of graduates available for employers to search. Have a live Q&A session on a monthly basis for previous graduates, an online store with reference material. Subscription service to past clients for access to new materials.

Have they paid for the content?

Why shouldn’t they be allowed to record what they’ve paid for?

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