Huawei’s new P30 Pro has what we called a Ground-breaking Leica Quad Camera system, a high definition front camera of 32 MP

The world of technology is evolving constantly and there is a constant race to introduce something ground-breaking every now and then to capture the attention of the masses. People nowadays have a very short attention span as the markets are being flooded with new technology constantly. Smartphones are no exception!

Search for a Premium Smartphone

Technology brands have been introducing new technology like better sensors and cameras yielding almost professional results in smartphones, trying to make them more efficient and productive. Samsung, Apple, and Huawei are the top competitors in the tech world, racing with each to introduce the best smartphone to the world every year.

Introducing Huawei

Huawei is a multinational telecommunications equipment and services company based in China. Initially, the company focused on manufacturing switches but later turned its focus and decided to pursue telecommunication networks and manufacturing communication devices as its main interest.

Over the years, Huawei has cemented its value as one of the most valuable telecom brand infrastructures worldwide. It has a brand value of $24.92 billion in USD, making it rank thirteenth in ‘The Most Valuable Technology Brands Worldwide 2018’ list provided by It has generated revenues of $603.6 billion yuan in 2017 alone and in the same year, its net profit reached $47.5 billion yuan.

An Overview of Huawei Smartphone releases so far

Huawei has released some of the best smartphones over the years. They have something for everyone from highly advanced and expensive smartphones to affordable ones without compromising the technology.

Some of the best Huawei smartphones are Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20 X and P Smart for 2019.

Introducing New P30 Pro

Huawei has introduced its new smartphone P30 Pro in February 2019. It was launched in Paris around the same time as the Mobile World Congress. It was later launched in India and quickly became the best smartphone of the year 2019. A question that everyone has on their minds is what makes it stand out among its peers?

Impressive Camera Prodigy

Professional cameras are expensive and hard to carry around. That’s why people nowadays prefer to buy smartphones with results rivaling that of professional cameras.

Journalists, bloggers, vloggers, YouTubers and other professionals prefer to use smartphones instead of heavy cameras.

Huawei smartphones are famous for their camera results and are equipped with several other features such as improved sensors and battery life as well as large RAM.

Previously, Huawei introduced P20 that had an impressive camera result but the latest P30 completely redefines it and has become perfection personified. It has a 5X optical zoom as well as super macro and ultra-wide shots. Its superb low-light performance allows you to capture breathtaking photos in the dark.

Following are the features of P30 Pro’s Leica Quad Core Camera and a detailed overview of it.

Leica Quad Core Camera System

Huawei’s Pro30 is equipped with four high-quality cameras. Though this technology is not new, no one does it better than Huawei. Cameras have different apertures and each camera can do several other functions alongside what it is actually designed to do. You will be alternating with one of the four cameras available depending on the modes you’ve selected.

SuperZoom & OIS

If you are a smartphone user, then you must be familiar with the problems you had to face while clicking just a simple picture. Zooming in can distort the pixels, as well as a slight handshake, can blur the photo.

P30 Pro has a SuperZoom feature that allows you a 5X effective zoom in without affecting the picture’s quality. There will be a slight shift in the colors when you shift from normal to magnification lens.

It has OIS technology included in this model which means no more blurry pictures just because you can’t steady your hand. OIS does not let the device register the slight shake of your hand and gives you a clear, high-quality picture.

Ultra-wide &Super Macro Mode

The Ultra-wide mode has a smaller aperture of f/2.2 but it doesn’t affect its result in anyway and makes the picture look more impressive than the super zoom mode. The change in mode affects the saturation of the photos as well as their colors.

As it is no longer SuperZoom mode, you’ll observe that pictures taken with the ultra-wide mode is less detailed but even then, they are way better than the rest of the smartphones in the market. If you are a fan of lighter tones and photogenic results, then this mode should be your choice.

If you are a fan of taking close-ups and capturing the essence of smaller life, the Super Macro Mode is the best option among all the modes. It provides a high definition closer look of small things and makes simpler things look grand. This mode can make photographers celebrate in delight as it also has a 3X optical zoom.

Amazing Low Light Performance & Night Mode

We are now going to talk about the feature that sets Pro30 apart from its competitors and gives it an edge over Pixel 3 that’s been crowned as the prince of the smartphone world for a while now.

Pro30 has amazing visibility in the dark; it adjusts the camera shutters to the colors in the dark and makes the objects visible in the frame. A comparison between Samsung Galaxy S9 and Pro30 shows that while Pro30 is able to capture a clear picture even in the dark while the S9 was only able to capture a smudge in the dark.

Pro30 Pro’s camera quality is one of the best with a high definition front camera of 32 MP and ToF mode. It comes with a Nano memory as well as an impressive 8 GB RAM. The camera result is any photographer’s dream come true as it is light and thin with high-quality sensors. The Quad Core Camera system does not affect its slimness and the vibrant colors and sleek design makes it a stylish accessory.

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