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I started a Subscription business 4 months before the lockdown not sure how to get customers during or after this.

They say there’s always a boom after every recession. I started a self care Subscription box business targeting working women. It focused on women who don’t have the time to take care of themselves. You get a personalised box with self care products and activities with every box. It’s a luxury box with feel-good products. I am not sure how to sell it currently. I am going with the “Take care of yourself” and “Deal with stress” angle but the buying sentiment seems low with people especially for luxury products. It’s a bootstrapped company so if you could help me understand what position a luxury brand should take in such a terrible situation and if there you have any suggestions on how I should reach more clients please let me know! All ideas are welcomed.

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2 replies on “I started a Subscription business 4 months before the lockdown not sure how to get customers during or after this.”

I’m your target audience.

This stuff before you look into distribution:

* Please read through this thread: [](
* **It’s too hard to order from you**. If I click directly on “Buy Now” you’re making me fill in a form and make decisions. Even if I scroll down just for information, it’s messy.
* Your Instagram: I don’t get a good idea of what I get in the box. Even your bio doesn’t say it’s a subscription box. It doesn’t say what type of products it contains. It’s not tailored to selling.
* Your website, outside of the order form, needs to be looked at. It’s not responsive so I can’t look at it unless my window is 100% full-sized on a desktop. If your buyers are coming from Instagram, they’re on their phone, and your website isn’t conducive for that type of buying funnel. Consider a responsive theme.

Now distribution:

* Are you making use of Facebook/Instagram ads right now? If so, what are your ads looking like and what are the results on them? Right now ads are cheap as quite a few companies have pulled their marketing budgets. It depends on your niche but now, more than ever, is an excellent time to consider that.
* Are you making use of influencer networks through Instagram? You can DM people with the audience you want to reach and ask them if they’d give you an honest review. The bonus is you get feedback on your product AND possible good press. Even bad feedback is great for you right now.
* Consider using a follower growth service for at least a little bit, until you reach a few thousand followers and then go back to organic growth. It can help boost the reputation of your account so people feel more encouraged to buy from you.

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