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I want to build something huge

I’m a young entrepreneur passionate about business. I’ve tried many money making strategies such as e-commerce ECT, I’ve never found a good fit for me, any ideas?

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“So I went to reddit and asked the entrepreneur sub what business I could build to be huge and that was honestly how I got started” – no successful entrepreneur ever

Me too, I have tried a few business before but none is a good fit for me either, and then I realized I was always in a saturated market. So I decided to be innovative with my next business idea. I have to build something that didn’t exist before, something brand-new. I have to create my own market and demands.

I have also tried those things and not succeeded I am thinking about doing something unique this time and learning to code!
Maybe we can help each other out!

Build it and they will come is a fail. And, it’s 1950s era manufacturer centric thinking.

Demand must inform supply. Supply will never obligate demand to form. In other words, take your focus off what you want to build and onto a huge demand instead.

>I’m a young entrepreneur passionate about business.

A couple reasoned since the like coffee and the coffeehouse experience, they should start one. I reasoned they had better get to like serving customers. They couldn’t comprehend it.

Know those relatives that give you gifts based on what they think you should like? Yeah. Those gifts suck. Same principle involved with founders trying to launch first, ask questions later. They all know what they want the market to have — hardly a one cares if the customers in those markets agree.

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