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If I could save you a few hours of work every week, would you try my software?

It works only if you organize and work on more than one project. I created this for me and I can tell you it works. I save at least a few hours of work every week. The first column displays your projects, when a project gets an update it moves to the top (like an inbox). For each project, you can select to use a thread, a kanban board, chat, and conference. Each project can have a different team. I really hope it can help others too.

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6 replies on “If I could save you a few hours of work every week, would you try my software?”

This seems interesting and I like the layout. Just signed up and will give it a go to manage our projects.

I registered under my personal Gmail starting with john. It looks promising and I’ll give feedback next week.

Yes, you should do a YouTube demo to show off your product.

no i wouldn’t click on your spam link.

and i would just use other project management software out there.

you have given no reasons why i should use your software over other existing ones.

Every founder makes a similar claim. They have no consulting experience in the knowledge domain. If they wrote a book on their approach, they couldn’t sell it. If they blog about it, nobody would listen.

So they develop a code-first, ask questions later boondoggle for the “yet another” software as a service category. Basecamp, who is that? Competitors? My idea is different in nobody else’s mind but my own.

[Absolute information blindness]( In an information age. And this isn’t unusual or surprising or new.

Let me tell you — that is bad task management. And worse information technology. It is the process which developed the 1958 Edsel.

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