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Is a landing page and some targeted ads enough to make an email list?

I’m building an online course which I’ll be offering via Teachable. I’ll also be setting up a landing page to direct people to the course via their platform.

It’s something brand new and I want to somehow get emails so I can begin marketing and providing info as the launch date comes closer. I’m using the lean startup MVP route by releasing 2 modules initially and then rolling out the entire program by mid summer.

I’m thinking to target market via fb or ig which will bring them to the landing page to get info and “reserve a spot for a discounted introductory rate”. Is this a legit way to gather a list?

Is this even the right process? — total noob in setting this up so if there’s a different route I should I taking, I’d appreciate the info.


Edit: The class is to help parents teach their children learning skills by providing downloadable content (& possibly videos)

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I think with any kind of educational content especially, people are much more likely to need to trust you before they buy. Do you plan to have any “proof” of your credentials on the landing page? Could you make a short video of you explaining who you are and why they should trust the course you’ve put together? Or a 2 minute trailer, free download, etc to give them an idea of what they’re paying for?

The LP+ ad concept will work as a basic customer funnel – yes – but conversions are likely to be low even with a discount unless you have that trust.

It’s really hard to give advice when I got no idea what the class is about. Is it about marketing? Is it about horse training? It makes a huge difference.

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