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Is making online courses a legitimate way of making full time income online?

I have $4000 and I’m ready to invest in an online business. I’ve read of several ideas and I’m willing to be patient with some investment in time. Some ideas are Blogging, E-Books, Affiliate Links, Dropshipping, Amazon FBA and well the title of the post, Online Courses.

Here’s some questions I have.

1. Do I need to have an Youtube Channel or Blog to Promote the Courses effectively or is there other ways?
2. Can Courses turn into a legitimate full time source of income?
3. Best site for Online Courses? I’m thinking between Udemy, Skillshare, and Teachable but if there’s any better reccommend me them.

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4 replies on “Is making online courses a legitimate way of making full time income online?”

Yes, it is a legitimate way but with a massive caveat: I will recommend building an audience first, before creating course material.
Once you have an audience, it becomes easier to understand what they need. You can create a course, but you want to be sure that there is demand. Any course that has demand, will have competition. Without a dedicated audience as an early adopter group, you will find it difficult to sell.
You want to spend your money, when the time is right. Strike when the iron is hot – say you have 20K twitter followers who follow you for advice on a particular niche: perfect time to launch an eBook or course.
There is a good article about this subject [here](, which talks about the importance of building distribution or marketing funnel first, before launching a product or service and how to go about it.

All of those are potentially ok sources of income. Most take a lot of work upfront.
YouTube and blogging won’t make a FT income for at least a year

Do you have any specialist skills for your online course?

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