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lucrative business for a small town

so i’m kinda posting this for my mom. my mom just randomly bought a shop in our home town, completely out of no where. i think it’s a bad idea because i don’t think she gave any thought into it and i think she spent a lot of her funds on it, but she’s already done it so i wanna help her as much as i can

we live in a town that’s pretty country, lots of older people. the only restaurants are a taco bell, mcdonald’s, pizza hut and a chinese place. she asked me to help her think of a lucrative business. food? clothes? i’m sorry if this is a bad question but i know nothing about starting a business and i don’t think my mom does either. what are some beginner tips for opening a shop? what would be the most lucrative?

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Lease it and then buy another spot in 6 to 12 months.

The reason is there is no aim and startups, especially brick and mortar, require significant capital to function.

Real Estate is still viable right now.

I’m confused, if she bought a shop, isnt that decision already made? Ordo you mean she bought the building?

Ive had a women’s apparel & gift shop for 16 yrs in a upscale suburb in a city. It’s harder to make money in it these days cause of the internet. Soo much competition. I would keep that in mind.

Start with… What skills or special knowledge do you and you mom have that you can leverage?



Food/cooking related?

Doing taxes?

Teaching yoga?

The second thing is to do research about what your community a) needs, and b) will actually pay for.

I don’t think retail of any kind is a good idea because of inventory you have to keep. And online competition.

Food is one option. Hire a cook from somewhere open up a restaurant and make Italian food at night. Subway/sandwich in the afternoon so you can get a lunch crowd and full plate dinner for older dinner type crowd at night.

We could use more details. This is a risky move by your mom. Who made her do this? Chance of failure is high in opening a business if you never ran one and if you don’t partner that has some experience. Failing is ok but you have to be able to get back up

Nursery, rent it as a shop or apartment or yoga studio or arts and crafts, escape room, something in the big city that kids in your small town would like to see
Shelter, a second apartment/ Airbnb.. Etc

Consider your mom’s gut feeling.

Even before she bought that store, she may have an idea of what she might want to do with it. If it is not the case, consider looking around your country and see what’s the best you can procure and market. Whatever it is, consider 1000 of your currency to buying your first stock of the product and sell it ONLINE.

In my opinion, all you have to consider procuring a product that can be sold in your neighborhood and also online. Ask your mom what such products are available. Invest small and test the waters.

At the beginning of my startup, to get the funds required to process, I invested in exporting hair extensions as a trader. This gave me an initial capital to fund my startup. I am now in the business of helping customers who are startup founders, helping them to validate their idea, develop their product, find new customers, and charge them at the earliest.

I hope this helps!

Every small country town needs a liquor store. Win or lose, country boys still gotta booze. Get her a license and start slinging Busch Lite and Skol.

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