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New Idea Where Do I Go From Here?

I was at the grocery store this afternoon and had an ah ha! moment. I’ve never created anything before and don’t know where to begin. I googled it and there doesn’t seem to be anything else like it. But I believe it would be very useful and helpful in today’s climate. How do I know who I can trust to explain it to so they don’t steal my idea for themselves? I don’t think I’d be able to make it all on my own. Thank you for your comments and feedback.

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What I learned from my entrepreneurship journey thus far is that your idea will most likely not get stolen. It takes a lot of energy and effort to build on the idea and a lot of the time no one but you is willing to put in the work to bring the idea to life. Share your idea with friends and family and get feedback. I think it is extremely important you share your idea and conduct market research to see if there is a market for your product or service.

Don’t be afraid to share your idea with at least people you know. A lot of us get a lot of ideas every day. An idea that can’t be executed on has no value.

The first question to answer is why does this idea not seem to exist. Is it because it’s not profitable, there’s no market for it, or no one else has tried something similar.

One thing you want to find out pretty quickly is are people willing pay what you need/want to be paid for this product or service?

As you get your idea flushed out a little further you can use NDA’s to protect your idea, but at the beginning it’s not worth it.

I used to follow Musk when he wasn’t so full of himself, and he is right about this one: “ideas are cheap”. So don’t worry, no one is going to steal your idea!

No one will copy your idea.

If you want to test the waters, I would suggest you project your idea in a manner that is a little different from what your original idea is. This is just for getting opinions and not necessarily developing it into a product.

I would also suggest you, to develop your product with minimal features as quickly as possible, and validate it. See if you can find some customers. This way you take one step ahead of your competitors.

The only way someone can succeed by copying your product after its initial launch is to develop something that is 10x better than yours.

My experience comes from helping startups at Berlocks to gain more insights on their idea by setting goals to quickly validate their product. We also assist in finding customers at the earliest.

I hope this helps.

>I googled it and there doesn’t seem to be anything else like it.

Try that one more time. Because the probabilities argue there may well be several hundreds, you just botched the search. One guy searched for his idea and used terms he figured would work. Not having inventoris blinders on, I found four of who knows how many in seconds.

He was searching for an alarm so you don’t leave your valuables behind. Parents had been using this on wandering children for decades. It was a very close match — yet he was search engine blind. So it is with a vast majority who hope never to find their idea used by others.

So they don’t.

>How do I know who I can trust to explain it to so they don’t steal my idea for themselves? I don’t think I’d be able to make it all on my own.

At the ripoff artist convention — if you steal ideas with zero sales and no market research — they point and laugh at you. Right now Yeti is suing Walmart a second time for knockoffs. Amazon is alleged to copy best selling products of its vendors. Now there is something to test your awesome search abilities on.

China will say “what’s a patent?” America will say “Go ahead and sue.”

Your only safety measure is understanding customer demand better than competitors. As people rip off your first version, be integrating what you’ve learned about the market into version three, with version two ready to launch.

The narcissistic-paranoia of inventoritis closes these people off from true market signal as they consider their product already perfect and awesome. That’s market blindness and it has no place in functioning business. That prevents nobody from launching a dysfunctional business.

[Blue Ocean Tragedy](

[The Heartbreak of Inventoritis](

you could conduct a survey asking your target audience about how this solution would help them and make them go to your product or idea, then find out if there are similar products or idea ( not copy pasted but has similar outcomes) and see how their market reacts to their products and how they generate cash/attract customers. dont try to reinvent the wheel if there is something that could push you faster to attract customers and clients. most importantly do your research before going into business and take your time doing so.

An NDA. You will need to speak with manufacturers/designers or what have you to actually get this idea off the ground. In order to trust that they won’t stab you in the back, I would recommend requesting they sign a standard NDA before the meeting to cover yourself.

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