On 15-April-19 HTC will Debut it’s new Vive Focus Plus headsets at $799

If you run your own business and are fond of virtual reality, then the HTC’s Vive Focus Plus is something you should be looking forward to. These headsets are targeted for professional use and will be ready and available from April onwards. You would, however, require a hefty amount of $799 which is much pricier than their older versions. HTC has officially announced the launch date of their Vive Focus Plus headsets, to be on April 15th.

They have also provided some details about the product, which will be professional grade and a portable VR solution for enterprise applications. These headsets aim to have a comfortable and simple design that is easy to deploy in environments where more than one headset is to be used. These headsets are hailed by HTC as enterprise-focused, standalone VR headsets – which mean that they do not need an external computer for functioning. The headset also has controllers, through which it offers 6 degrees of freedom to support the VR navigation through hand motions. There are also pressure sensitive triggers that allow the manipulation of objects in the virtual environment.

What is HTC Vive Focus Plus

The HTC Vive Focus Plus offers businesses and developers a standalone virtual reality experience that can rival any possible device in the market. It is not designed as a consumer product like the standard Vive. Instead, it focuses on business and professional use along with its ‘six degrees of freedom’ system that makes it easier for those without VR experience to use it properly. There is also the gaze control and hazard spotting feature so that the user does not bump into anyone while they have the Vive focus plus on their head. According to their press release, the HTC officials claimed that the newly added dual controllers (the six degrees of freedom) and its multi-mode capability allow the users to enjoy the native VR content. It also allows users to have access to an extensive collection of existing content across devices. Moreover, the new multi-mode capability will be compatible with the PC VR, laptops and PCs, game consoles, smartphones, 2D video streaming devices as well as live 360 camera streaming and upcoming cloud VR services.

HTC Vive Focus Plus Headset’s Uses

From many of its uses, there is an ultra-realistic reality paintball game. According to HTC Vive, the Vive Focus Plus can be paired easily with haptic vests which means that the users can feel when the paintballs are hitting them. For arcades and family fun centers where there is no available space for traditional paintball course, this can be a great idea.

More about these HTC VR headsets

The headsets utilize an entirely new type of lenses which allows the users to see better quality and greater detail with improved clarity as compared to the older versions of the headsets. The focus plus headsets by HTC are designed to provide more comfort than their previous designs, and it promises to be comfortable for wearing all day long. Moreover, the headset construction is easy to clean before use for multiple people, throughout the day.

HTC had previously announced that the hardware of these headsets would be present inside the set. But to recap, the display which is used in the headset is of a 2880 x 1600 resolution, 3K AMOLED unit which has a 75H refresh rate along with an adjustable IPD. The chipset that it is using is a Snapdragon 835 along with the internal storage of 2TB. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery for power that lasts for up to three hours for active users, and it supports QC3.0 fast charging.

For connectivity, a USB-C port and 902 is included in the pack. It has an 802.11a/n/ac 5GHz wifi. The Vive Focus plus controller requires a pair of AAA batteries which lasts easily for up to four hours or continuous usage. Furthermore, the controller has excellent features that include IMU fusion tracking with a trackpad, trigger, grip button, Vive button, and a menu button and has 6DoF ultrasonic features.

Great for professionals

According to the founder, Olivier Pierre of Immersive factory, a company which makes VR stuff for training workers, Vive focus plus will bound to immerse the clients in realistic environments which can enable full movements and supports memorization of procedures and processes and helps to improve behavior by creating consequences for their actions. He went on to say that having such a professional gadget which is a standalone headset is crucial for them as it can help them to integrate and deploy virtual reality for their workforce training. This is ideal for larger groups with plants all over the world, who used to consider the equipment more as a barrier. This means that the Vive Focus Plus can change the way a business works.


People who already have a professional headset may also be interested in the HTC Streamlink. This is an app that allows content to be streamed from a USB capture card to the Vive headset. Through this, a person can transfer all content to a headset and easily enjoy it in the form of a virtual large-screen format. However, it does not translate games into VR. As per Engadget, HTC is aiming for streamlink as a different way of playing games that can be piped from different games consoles as well as to watch the videos which have been streamed from set-top boxes. The streamlink can be easily downloaded on the HTC headset, but the user would need their capture card and cables for getting the whole thing set up.

In a nutshell, a few of the specs are:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Mobile VR Platform
  • 3K AMOLED display
  • 75Hz frame rate
  • 110-degree field of view
  • 4000 mAh Battery

Last words… These headsets are one of the many wireless headsets that the VR enthusiasts can try with the Occulus Quest, and they can easily break free from the wires and cables that create a hassle that the users have unfortunately come to tolerate over the years. This promises to provide VR fans with a significantly new feel and experience. Many partners and developers are supporting this product and showcasing the excellent opportunity for this VR/AR to enter in all phases of our daily lives.

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