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People want simplicity

I was helping a friend who was desperately trying to get more leads from his website visitors. He is a personal trainer.

And he was getting decent organic traffic as well.

His did a good job of listing locally and from youtube.

His landing page was a simple one, showing himself with some text about his experience. And a video of him in action.

And a contact form further down.

But people were just not contacting him.

He will be lucky if 3 people contacted him in a MONTH!

We tried a few things around improving page speed and content lay out. But still nothing.

So I thought to myself, let’s strip it to the absolute bare bones.

These visitors already knew about him. Why are we wasting their time with more content?

I changed the whole landing page to ONE multiple choice statement which read as follows:






That’s it!

Nothing else on the page

And clicking the answers led directly to his contact form.

His leads shot up by 8% on the first day and continued to rise.

And that page is up and converting like a charm!

People love simple things.

They dont like to think or be proactive.

Just keep it stupidly simple and see what happens in your business.

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One reply on “People want simplicity”

I think you are mistaking simplicity for clarity. They often go together but not always. Keep ana eye on your google rankings though… if you stripped all the content its likely for google to decide that the page is not relevant anymore.

Also.. your maths confuse me. How do you calculate a daily 8% increase from 3 leads a month?

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