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Possibility of starting a business and earning money during a gap year

Okay so I recently got accepted into one of my dream colleges – problem is the tuition is pretty high. I don’t like giving up, so I’m brainstorming possible ways to finance my education, starting with a ton of scholarship applications. I plan to defer for one year, and apply to more in that time. However, I doubt that would be enough so I’m wondering if you guys have any small business ideas or startup advice that I could research and get started on in that time as well. I’m a creative person, so my initial ideas range in anything from flipping thrift clothes to website design or photo editing.

Any ideas or advice would be appreciated!

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I personally wouldn’t recommend doing this full time if you are taking a gap year. It would be a smarter idea to get a full time job, save up all the money you can in a year (no eating out, live at home, no vacations) and try to start up a company on the side. Lots of businesses start, and lots of businesses fail so trying to make a bunch of money first go round with little knowledge on business isn’t likely to pan out. IT may, but it isn’t likely. You can probably find something you are good at already and profit off of that. Maybe its photography, art, tutoring, coaching or something else. Starting there and working your way up is always the best options as it plays to your strengths and build up from there.

Also there are lots of options to have companies pay for college education. You can earn up to $25,000 from UPS working part time for them. FedEx has something similar and larger companies have tuition assistance once you have some experience or know the direction you want to go in after college.

There is also no reason you cant freelance or have a business in college. Its healthy to work 20-25 hours a week as it has been proven to increase GPA’s. Best of luck!

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