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PSA: When you open an LLC people try and scam ya about Labor Posters.

I recently opened another LLC. As always, I started getting a lot of official looking letters around regulations for my business. The one that looks the most official is the need for labor posters. [What the document looks like.](

It talks about audits and being out of compliance. Along with that it talks about the urgency about what date to mail back by.

Being a single member LLC, I do not need anything of the sort. Please note the account. Gov’t agencies will not use gmail.

If you need labor posters please educate yourself via [US Dept of Labor eLaw poster quiz.](

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16 replies on “PSA: When you open an LLC people try and scam ya about Labor Posters.”

This is one of those things I never would have thought was an in for a scammer, thats wild as hell that people will be that crafty. Good info thank you!

Thanks for confirming! I’m a single member LLC as well. I received an urgent mail similar to yours with contact email as

I ignored them after I did some online research. They even called out that they are non-government publisher of these posters!

So crafty. Same with trademarks. Anything publicly listed that includes your phone number and/or address… someone is out there with a scam.

Same thing when you get a patent. These aren’t really scams but they are sales pitches. When I got my first patent I got flooded with offers to get my patent published in some “official” magazine or something along with printed copies that I could frame and frames to put those copies in.

That and biennial statements! An official looking form almost got me to send someone $100 instead of paying $7 online.

Thank you for making clean redactions that align with the text you’re redacting.

There is hope for this world.

These letters always say they are not government agencies – aka ignore them. Read every letter carefully if you’re enticed to send money…

The worst are when the threaten to report you for failing to comply with state and federal rules to have said poster posted for employees. Funny when I’m the sole owner and worker lol

To add, the state should just allow you to download and print your own or purchase one online through them. Who in their right mind would believe a poster is worth $150.

Fellow entrepreneurs watch out, 99% of unsolicited business communications are usually just someone trying to make a quick buck off of you.

wow I literally got this just a few days ago and was about to send the payment. thanks for the heads up

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