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Question about starting a product

Hi, I was just wondering how or what the best way to go about starting a business around a product I have in mind. It’s odd to explain I guess but I have this thing I made thats not big and not some billion dollar idea, but it’s something I can definitely see selling. Anyways, I was just wondering after I actually make my product how do I go about getting to stores? Manufacturing? Etc? What kind of steps does one need to get it out there? Basically once I made me product at home, whats next and how do I go about it. I hope this is the right sub for this question. Thanks.

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Get some samples made, source your manufacturing and get pricing on your costs.
Then sell them on your website or try and get in contact with buyers of stores, start small so your sales don’t outrun your ability to manufacture (that’s usually a cash flow issue )

Is it a completely new product? If not, you can probably just go on alibaba or similar website and find wholesalers.
Even if it is a new product you can probably still go on websites like those and find manufacturers who sell similar products and have some sort of reputation, then you discuss with them to make ur particular product

I don’t know, is it patentable? If you go down that route, you need to get a provisional patent before you start selling. You can’t patent after you have sold items commercially

The thing is with patents…. you need to have the money to defend them if someone violates the patent.

I prefer trade secrets but it doesn’t sound like there much to this item.

If you are successful, people are going to copy it, that’s guaranteed

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