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Repeated Idea – Flip Flopping ideas

So this post has been repeated a handful of time but I couldn’t find one with what I was looking for. How do you just dive in as opposed to perfection or idea hopping, and is it always bad? I have idea for product X, ah yeah this is brilliant, then in surfing Alibaba…wait…what? This product is even better! Wait the shipping on it would make it stupid, now back to…”oh a squirrel!” Just catching myself in this loop of one small hiccup in the plan and it’s abandon ship, or anything better “well why wouldn’t I do the best idea I can come up with?

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What you and the competition think is great might not be what customers want. You’re not studying customer demand, just supply.

Perfectionism would imply far more interest in, for instance, complaint forums and customer ratings. Here’s an idea worth sticking with: What customers want.

A guy was complaining about ‘doing everything right’ yet getting nowhere. He had his little site. He had his little social platform page for a food truck. What he did not have was *a map showing potential customers where his moving restaurant would be*.

Service or product, B2B or B2C, so-called perfectionists make their decisions in a customer blackout. It’s not like they made a mistake. It’s more like they never considered customers exist.

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