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Should I write about my perspective of starting and growing a monetized Facebook page? I own one with 750k followers that’s my main source of income (up to $20,000 per month)

Hey guys, I hope all of you are well and aren’t giving up on the chase!

I started a Facebook page in 2016 that got monetized by Facebook in 2017 when they released a video monetization feature for pages that allows you to include ad-breaks. It’s my main source of income alongside trading stocks. I am getting into another business now.

If there’s enough interest, I can create a post sharing my experience and general perspective on how to get a page going. I won’t share the link to it or the name so this won’t be an advertisement. However, I can share screenshots of the insights and whatnot.

The reason why I want to do it (again if there is enough interest), is because I learned a lot from this sub and got inspired a bunch so I would love to contribute.

**EDIT:** I got a lot of DMs, I’ll try to get back to everyone. Looks like people want to see what I have to say so I’ll make the post in the next 1-2 weeks.

I’m not claiming to be a guru, there’s obviously luck involved. I’ll just share my method, lessons I learned and experience to help people who are interested in stuff like this. Although there’s luck involved, certain techniques and whatnot obviously increase your chances which is what happened to me. My page didn’t explode instantly, I started off with no followers and grew completely organically. I never paid for a Facebook ad to get followers, I only spent $25 on an ad one time to push some merch, that’s it. The start was slow, but I saw certain techniques weren’t working so I tried different ones until some worked which led me to develop a strategy to maintain engagement and growth which eventually got me monetized. That’s all I want to share in my upcoming post.

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How did you go from asking on reddit how to monetize a Facebook page to bringing in $20,000 a month in less than a year? I can’t imagine that’s a very profitable target market. Also, Facebook pages have notoriously low engagement so I’m curious about the legitimacy of this.

Edit: I realized my comment sounds cynical, but a lot of these posts are made by kids looking for affirmation. They don’t have a business or they grossly overestimate how much they’re bringing in. If everything you said is true, kudos to you.

I for one will be very interested, if you can describe the processes you include for generating the revenue, perhaps the ‘niche’ is a bit close to the bone, but a general indication would be valuable if you can disclose without threatening your project.

As someone in the early phases of starting a new business, I’m constantly wondering about which social media platform I have time to put effort into, and how best to utilize it.

I’m sure there are many others who would love to hear your perspective, including myself.

I’ll happily volunteer to proof read and edit for clarity if you need any help. Looking forward to this.

As a person who is trying to break into the content creation business, I would love to hear how you were able to build and gain a following from your facebook page.



I did not know you Facebook monetize pages until now, thanks.

Also, how was your CPM and views per video?

Yes. I’d like to know how many followers you had before you monetized the page and in which way did you monetize it

How do you make money off this?

Reach of FB pages have dwindled and most content sites I know are making pennies now

It would be amazing! I’d really like to read. I used to do the same for years, but with 300k page, and earning around 2-3k month. What niche? How do you monetize?

I’ve got a facebook page with over 26k like but lack the 30,000, 1 minute views to monetize it. I just post random videos to it but haven’t done so regularly since 2016 or so

Hi u/xSnipeZx

I’m no expert, but if you haven’t yet, please remember to diversify. Having everything riding on a platform that can pull the rug out from under you at any time can feel devastating.

Watch out for yourself, young blood!

I’m very interested in hearing more. (New account to prevent association to a page). I also run a very large Facebook page and we recently have been cleared for monetization.

We’ve been struggling a bit on how to tackle this angle since we’ve been very photo-focused. Definitely looking forward to your feedback and sharing ideas.

You don’t own your Facebook page! You’re always one algorithm change away from losing all your revenue.

I used to follow digital marketing trends, and did a lot of content marketing. When Facebook did major changes to their algorithms (around 2013-2014) to introduce ads, LOTS of people lost their main source of income overnight.

Same thing happened to those who were gaming SEO instead of building valuable content. Best advice is to ALSO build assets that you own. Like a website or an email newsletter list. It greatly reduces the risk.

I am interested. I am additionally interested in the content you can provide people. Not on how to source it, but the copyright restrictions in case they apply. Do people all create original content or source their content from free pictures/articles etc?

Did you start the page organically or by running ads? If so how much did you invest and how long until it was profitable ?

Um, yes. Yesyesyes.

As someone with a following of 150,000 – I confess I am doing literally nothing to monetize it (except for selling my art). And as an artist, I’ll confess my talents are definitely lacking in that regard.

So, please and thank you.

Why not just edit this and actually provide some info we dont need a post about a future post. I’d be interested in hearing more

Im considering starting a political oriented facebook page and selling stuff like fake money, bumper sticks, gimmicks etc for revenue any suggestions?

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