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Switching careers to be a better entrepreneur in the future

Hi everyone!

I’ve been working as a software engineer for two years now. I am able to build any kind of SaaS/app/web completely on my own (and I have friends to build them with so I don’t have to do it alone).


I’ve been thinking about switching careers in order to learn more about different positions and roles. I’m thinking about becoming a marketing Data Analyst in order to learn about creating campaigns, analyzing data, and managing budgets.


Do you think it’s a good idea? I’m open about other roles/positions I haven’t thought about.


Pros o staying in software:

– I work remotely, so I have a lot of free time to work on side projects (and I do).

– I’m slowly scaling in the company I work for, so I’m learning more “managerial” or “structural” stuff.

– I earn a ton of money. (Way more than if I switch careers)


Cons of staying:

– I don’t have skills beyond software development (sales, marketing, etc).

– I don’t have any industry knowledge (being a programmer doesn’t give you that). I could never be an industry expert.

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What are the real, deep reasons why you want to switch? Why do you want to be an entrepreneur? What’s your end goal?

A project management role might be a more natural shift. Not a strictly development project, but one with cross functional aspects to it. That would give you a chance to leverage your current expertise while working with people who specialize in finance, marketing, distributions, etc.

In any business you can hire functional specialists in any area, but management is the one thing that you are almost always going to need to do yourself. Being able to intelligently converse with people in a wide range of business functions is the single most helpful chunk of knowledge I picked up before starting my own company. Most of that I picked up through managing product then business development projects.

Cant you do both?

* Part time marketing job
* Join open source projects core team to help them market the projects
* Launch your side project, and treat it like a real business. Do market research, analysis, marketing, strategy etc

The last one is what I would recommend

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