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Time better spent on Business or Comp Sci. Degree

I have a psych background and have been working in the electrical trade for the last 5 years or so. I’m now applying for a contractors license because I’m think I can run a biz better than those I’ve worked for.

The largest part of the improvement I believe would come from improved job tracking and customer communication. I know there are a bunch of SAAS companies out there that have tools to do this, but most are focused on scaling of medium size businesses to large and most seem to work with old models that match the way things have been done historically.

I want to build a platform that grows organically alongside the business. Feature sets grow as the business grows. Options become available as the business gains capability. I don’t think charging a huge fee for tons of features that won’t get used is a good for the end user.

So what would be the next right place to apply my time?

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You can take business more places. And get most of the certifications that IT jobs want without a CS degree on your own. I have a degree in computer science that I don’t use at all.

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