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Hey Reddit I’m looking for advice from any educated entrepreneurs here. A year ago I aided my girlfriend in a passion of hers by creating a website called siplytealicious. The website is a blog that has tea reviews and recipes etc. She makes no money off of this blog and is strictly a hobby she does for fun which she enjoys. She put a lot of work into it creating the Instagram, logo and blogs and really likes the name. Today I got an email from some guy who owns the Trademark to the word “Siply” who angrily said we need to change our websites name and logo etc etc. He owns a coffee related app it seems which is very small “less followers than my girlfriends tea account”. I planned on just ignoring the email based on how much of a dick he was in his writing but it this something I should be worried about? None of us make much money and Like I said this isn’t even a registered business for my Girlfriend and she makes 0 revenue from the website as it is just a hobby for her. Please let me know any knowledge or advice you have for me.

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Edit: I just searched his Trademark on Canada’s database and from what I’m understand he doesn’t even own the trademark to the word “siply” as it just says “searched “ not registered as other trademarks like Bell have.

No, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. To keep it simple, because:

-They’re not substantially similar

-They don’t operate in the same market

-No one would confuse one for the other service

-You’re non-commercial (not crucial, but helps)

An email is just an email, ignore it. If you receive a cease and desist affidavit, then I advise getting an attorney involved so your gf can protect herself, then get her own trademark and monetize her hobby.

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