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Unemployment Income benefits for self-employed business/contract workers

So the stimulus bill is close to passing and offered some brief details which includes the expansion of unemployment benefits to include self-employed and independent contractors.

“In an unprecedented move, the stimulus bill expands unemployment protections to gig workers, freelancers and self-employed individuals, who typically don’t qualify for unemployment benefits.

Seth Harris, former Deputy U.S. Secretary of Labor, describes this aspect of the stimulus package as a “gigantic change,” but notes that it could be complicated to execute.”

Worth taking a look, even if you don’t think you are eligible.


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15 replies on “Unemployment Income benefits for self-employed business/contract workers”

Thank you – I was just wondering about that today, as most of my clients put their projects on hold. Hoping someone can further clarify once the full language of the bill is known.

I wonder how it will work for those of us that are S-Corp that have our hours drastically reduced, or do we get screwed again?

I love how we have to pay into unemployment, but we can never receive it.

> stimulus bill was passed earlier today

It has not passed yet. Apparently not enough special interest groups have been satisfied. Certainly both sides are debating over all the various ways they want to f*** us.

Does anyone know if this would apply to someone who had no business this year, and the virus impeded my first contact this year?

I’m wondering if both the 2019 Federal Tax Due Date is moved to October and what they’re doing about the Estimated Payment Due Dates in April.

Between a stimulus check, some UIB for self-employed freelancers, and tax due date changes, I might be able to survive without selling four squares of toilet paper door-to-door in a hazmat suit.

I don’t typically feel great asking for these big handouts but it wasn’t my decision to halt economic activity. But, that’s another conversation.

Also curious how this would work as I’m an s-corp and my income is about down to zero… but I also made too much in 2018 to qualify for that $1200 stimulus check.

Canadian here worried about my mother, also Canadian. How does one prove they are eligible for relief and we’re self employed? Is it just the taxes you did the year prior?

For those in the gig/service world, Im rolling out a platform I built early in hopes of helping those looking to fill any work gaps during the coronavirus slowdown. People still need a good many trade and skill based services done and a lot of people have additional skills to offer past their primary jobs.


Essentially like a Linkedin for the gig/freelance world. List any and all skills you have and offer them as services.

Try it out. There’s a free option and premium levels are set super low just to cover operating costs.

Any feedback and sharing is super welcome!


Good luck and stay safe everyone!

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