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Using Independent Contractors (New York State) for Service-Based Business

Hello, I am in the process of building a local service-based business (Grass Mowing) and I know how to build a website and generate leads, but I never hired independent subs to actually do the work? I plan on forming an LLC and will do background checks on my subs and verify they have insurance. I am looking at getting general liability insurance I am just not sure what my business classification would be (ie: General Contractor, or Referral Service Agency, etc) I want to minimize my liability in the event something happens and I also want to collect payment from customers so I can share in the profits generated by the job. If anyone has any experience with this I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

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Good idea with the local services model. I know u/localcasestudy talks a lot about this the Overthink Academy Facebook Group. I joined a few months ago.

Are you looking to buy insurance monthly, yearly, or on-demand (basically just when you need it)?

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