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What kind of projects should I work on?

I’ve been thinking, like a lot, what kind of project should I work on. Maybe you guys can help me. This is how I see myself:

– I’m web developer, meaning I can only create web related stuff, NO mobile apps
– I can’t focus too long on a project (6 to 12 months is like max I can focus and give my energy on it)
– I don’t have any specific niche I’d like to work in. But what I see as interesting is: fintech, adult,
– Piggybacking is something that I like (Chrome ext, FB apps…)
– I like working alone (didn’t have any success with partners)

What would you suggest?

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One reply on “What kind of projects should I work on?”

If you’re interested I have a project that you can pitch in. A e-commerce store selling Daily Essentials.

If you’re interested we can discuss more.

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