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With Adobe’s After Effects you can now completely remove unwanted objects in your videos

Everyone who has any experience with editing videos knows how tedious and time consuming the process of removing an unwanted spot or area from a video can be. It can take hours to successfully remove these objects from videos and edit the video afterwards. However, the process has been made much easier by the Adobe Content-Aware Fill feature.

It has allowed the easy removal of any unwanted objects such as poles, mics, cars and even people that are not needed your videos. All it takes is a few, simple and easy steps that anyone can easily learn to perform.  The feature is powered by Adobe Sensei. It is the Al software of the company that has been designed to remove several visual elements automatically. It allows you to fill the spot flawlessly with the whole image. The Content-Aware fill panel has been designed with different options that assist you in deleting unwanted spots from the videos and then fill the space from where the object/spot was deleted.

This feature was previously available in Photoshop and it has helped photographers in removing unwanted features in a picture. And now that this feature has been added to Adobe, it is something that will aid video editors a lot. What’s even more impressive about this feature is that it is capable of automatically tracking objects in moving videos and replace the missing pixels. This feature was previously previewed as an experimental tool at Adobe Sneaks in 2017 and was named as Project cloak. Now, it can be availed by Creative Cloud subscribers.

The process is very simple as well, all you are required to do is to cut out the object you want to remove from the video and click on the Generate fill layer option. Once this has been done, it is the job of Content-Aware Fill to monitor and analyze both the motion of your video and the content to complete every frame automatically with the most suitable pixels. If you want to make the editing even better and precise throughout the video, then you can also paint individual reference frames.

If you are someone who is familiar with Photoshop, then you most likely are aware that at times Content-Aware fill requires a little fine-tuning.  The same can be done on your video after the Al completes its process on your videos in After Effects. Even if you don’t achieve the perfect result in each frame, it helps you save time and a lot of tedious work.

Other than the Content Aware Fill for After Effects, a few more updates have also been introduced by Adobe to both Premiere Pro and After Effects which will be discussed down below. These updates are related to polishing the sound in your videos, sorting your media the proper way and achieving more efficient and quicker editing. These new features are now available on the new version of the creative cloud and the pricing details are mentioned on the Adobe website.

How to use the Fill tool according to the content

As mentioned above, there are several options in the Fill-in-the-Content panel that allow the user to correctly delete unwanted objects from their videos. The user, however, is not required to use all of these options in every situation. The following steps can be followed to know what to expect from the function in different situations.

Below mentioned are the steps that can be followed in order to use the Fill-in-the-Content properly.

  1. Choose the object or are you want to delete/replace by drawing a border around it.
  2. Click on the Aware Fill the content with Windows panel: fill depending on the content.
  3. Click on the are you have drawn a border around and click the Blending modes drop-down menu.
  4. Click on the remove option from the list.
  5. Select the fill method in the Fill by the content panel and click on the Generate fill layer.
  6. A fill layer is added to the top of the selected area by the build fill function. The layer consists of images in sequences which are analyzed by the After Effects while creating a fill layer.

There are several videos and tutorials available on the internet that can assist you in using this new update.

Is this Fill tool feature really useful?

There is no doubt that this feature has made the job of editing videos much easier. This feature is especially useful for people who make shows, movies and even those who make short YouTube videos. Several uses of this new feature have been mentioned by Adobe, such as removing cars, buildings, unwanted watermarks and even people from a video. According to Adobe, this feature can be essentially useful for people who are working on 360-degree virtual reality projects as it is not easy to hide everything around the camera. Even though we cannot expect this update to give us flawless results right away, it is not difficult to say that this update will become much more advanced in the upcoming years. It is expected to transform into a powerful, and potentially controversial, tool.

Other new features and updates from Adobe

Other than Content Fill, a few more updates have been added for the Adobe users as well. These include improvement in puppet rigging for Character Animator. Users can expect to see better, cleaner, automated lip-syncs with this update, as well as workflow improvements. Also, a new Freeform Project Pane has been added which allows editors to storyboard and sort their clips in Premiere Pro. It enables clips to be resized, organized and color-coded for improved intuitive workflow.

Additionally, the performance of applications of Adobe has been improved as well. The GPU rendering export times in Premiere have been reduced and mask tracking is now four times quicker for HD scenes and 38 times faster for 8K videos. Several other features have also been added to Creative Cloud’s audio and video apps. Details regarding the new updates and features have been mentioned on the official website of Adobe.

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